Movies Decoded

Operation Gotham 2020, Lady Gaga Stupid Love, KISS, Hive System of Angel Transmutation, Twitterpated, The Little Mermaid (Video)
The Time Machine Explains Satan's Control of Humans + Kanye West and OFWGKTA (Video)
The Enemy Is Blatantly Mocking Us - NBC News, McDonald's, Zumiez, Motherland... (Video)
Knowing That the Fire Is Coming - Everyone Else Is About to Die - the Brevity of Human Life (Video)
Sci-Fi Movie 'They Live' Was Really a Documentary! Now We Know How to See Their Hidden World! (Video)
The Wizard of Oz Is Completely Encoded with Bible Prophecy - Mind Blowing! (Video)
National Treasure New Decode: "The Secret Lies with Charlotte" - Solved! (Video)
I, Robot (New Decode) Will Blow Your Mind! Includes Huge Biblical Unveiling (Video)
Decoded: Alien Covenant Reveals Horrific Secret About the Human Race! (Video)
Apple / Macintosh 'Son of Thanos' Avengers (Video) - Corrupting Our Life Energy to Sustain Itself?
The Black Panther Obama Link: The Antichrist Returns (Video)
Alien 'Covenant' Revealed - Spiritual Truths from Revelation 9! Huge End Time Alert!