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PLEASE NOTE: The videos within Article Archive 2017 were linked to Jonathan Kleck's YouTube Channel that was targeted and taken down. 

Some videos were found by title name and updated in the article, others were not easily found.

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This Is It! Ministry Hangout and Reflections
Google Doodle Shows Rapture, Antichrist and Bugout Signal? (Video)
New U2 Music Video Telegraphs Rapture and New York Destruction in the Twinkling of an Eye (Videos)
Imminent Rapture Warning (Videos)
Illuminati Commercial Exposed: '#231134421 BE READY'
Video #777 Game Over
It's Over! NYC and Statue of Liberty 'Host Body' Qliphoth System To Be Destroyed (Videos)
Sex in the Garden of Eden: The Forbidden Truth (Videos)
The End of The World Shipping Container (Videos)
The End Time 'Sign of Jonah' Has Been Revealed - Major Biblical Prophecy Now Fulfilled! (Video)
Mind Control? Here’s Why Egyptian Pharaohs Were Crowned with Vulture and Serpent Heads (Videos)
HelioFant: I Pet Goat 2 - New 2017 Decryption - Never Before Seen (Video)
The End Has Come - Are You Ready? (Videos)
Insider Secrets of the Sistine Chapel - Creepiest Place on Earth (Videos)
The Flashpoint Event: New York City Destroyed - The End of America (Videos)
Reptilians? Ancient Text & Modern Science Conclude We Have 'Skin of the Serpent' - Huge! (Videos)
Vatican City Bombshell: 'Absolutely Priceless' Mystery Solved Will Rock The World Forever (Video)
The End of the Age - New York City Nuke and Tidal Wave A Heartbeat Away | Shipping Container Update (Videos)
The Washington Square Arch Ritual - New 9/11 Truth Will Forever Change History (Videos)
Subliminal Messages in Primetime TV Commercials You Need to See - This Is Alarming! (Videos)
Major Alert: Terrorist Attacks on US Currency! This Is the New World Order's Agenda (Videos)
4321 ZERO - Eclipse and Hurricane Warnings from God | Shipping Container Testimony (Videos)
Hurricane IRMA? What Does That Have to Do with a Priest Singing to Lucifer??? (Video)
Satan's End Time Locust Army Rising from Beneath and from Within - Terrifying Mystery Solved (Video)
3,000+ Year Old Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyph Uncovers Origin of The Human Race [Full Documentary]
This Has Been Hidden in Michelangelo’s ‘The Final Judgment’ For Centuries - Shocking (Videos)
They Are Busted! Twin System Control Matrix - Taylor Swift, Adidas..ETC (Video)
The Strong Russian Delusion "A Big Lie" - Straight Out of Mein Kampf (Videos)
Power Hungry Pedo-Cannibals Run the Shadow Gov. - The Ancient Origin of Pizzagate Uncovered (Videos)
Do You Know Christ? End Time Message: Last Moments Are Here (Video)
What in the Hell Is This Beneath the Vatican Memorial of Dead Popes? (Videos)
End Times: Hurricane Harvey Is Heading Toward Corpus Christi - Esoteric Meaning Uncovered (Video)
'Zeus Virus' - New Algorithmic Computer Worm Targets Christian Users Across the Web (Video)
Faith Works! "I Have Called You By Name, You are Mine" Isaiah 43 (Videos)
Why Was Jesus Crucified Between 2 Thieves? Domino's Pizza Bible Lesson 2 in 1 (Video)
(soǝpᴉΛ) xᴉɹʇɐW ǝɥ┴ ǝǝS o┴ ʍoH - spɹɐʍʞɔɐq puɐ uʍop ǝpᴉsd∩ sI plɹoMǝloɥM ǝɥ┴
Sun Will Be Darkened By Smoke and Alien Locusts of the Bottomless Pit - Prophecy Confirmed! (Video)
Donald Trump:'Baby' Christian or 'Full Grown' Satanic Freemason? (Video)
The Human Race Has Hybrid DNA | Kingdom Divided [Documentary]
Demon Cast Out of Construction Worker! Here is the Wild Testimony of the Supernatural Event (Video)
Hitler and Obama - The Serpent Seed Father of Lies (Videos)
Now The End Comes - U.S. Currency - Alien Agenda Proved (Video Series)
CNN Cannibal News Network (Video)
Obama Signs the ( I ) Beam - One World Freedom Tower Hidden Message Revealed (Video)
Your Flesh "IS" the Devil (Video)
$10 Bill Prophecy - Treason From Within (Video)
The New World Order / The Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven? You Decide (Video Series)
Someone Send This Video to Trey Gowdy ASAP - What is the Awan Bro.Doing Behind Trey Gowdy? (Video)
The Lord of the Flies is on Fire! The 'Obama'inable Stench That Has Gone Up to High Heaven (Videos)
Trump 'Tip of The Spear' Nuclear Fire and Fury and New York - "They're Making Their Move Now" (Video)
Nephilim Truth Uncovered: DNA Infection and Spiritual Rebirth - The Hidden World (2-Part Video)
Anybody Seen My Baby? Rolling Stones, Dead Sheep and New York - Bridges to Babylon (Video)
Red Alert Info! Washington, Jerusalem, Rockefeller – New 9/11 Truth of Monumental Impact! (Video)
Hybrid Children - The Enemy That Sowed Them Is the Devil (Videos)
Why Does Trump Pay Homage to the Scottish Rite Freemason Occult? - Dark Secret Now Revealed (Videos)
"In Rust / Crust We Trust" - New Campaign Promotes Self-Cannibalism (Video)
Fallen Angels? New Documentary Reveals Profound Bible Secrets Solving the Origin of Mankind (Video)
Daniel 12 'Time of Trouble' Prophecy Unveiled! The Female Rival Affliction Is Coming! (Video)
The Birth Must Come - NWO Agenda BudLight 2014 Telegraphed Future Events for Hoover Dam! (Video)
Allah 666 Abomination of Beyoncé and Katy Perry - Ye Worship What Ye Know Not! (Videos)
Why Did Egyptians Sacrifice to the Sun? Giant Hieroglyphic Discovery Will Leave You Amazed! (Videos)
2008 Prophecy Fulfilled: The Travail Begins (Video)
Huge Secrets Uncovered: The Vesica Piscis Prison of the Garden of Eden! (Videos)
What Happens After We Die? You Need to Check This Out! (Video)
Head Scars of Obama 100% Match Akhenaten Hieroglyph! Pharaoh Returning for End Times (Videos)
Huge Bible Knowledge: Origin of 'Seed' Reveals Hybrid Race and End Time Arab Infiltration (Video)
I Am the True Vine / Lightning Rainbow Wedding - Bride of Christ (Videos)
9th of AV is 911 Destruction of the Temple (Video)
Discover: The Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven (Video)
Huge Leak: Obama's Shadow War Room Exposed (Video)
The Battle of the Mind: Are We at War with Ourselves? (Video)
Demonic Spirit Identified: Stop Winking and Sticking Your Tongue Out (Video)
Why Is This Printed on Our Money? (Video)
Vatican's Best Kept Secret Revealed: The Papal Regalia (Video)
Who Is Lucifer? The Absolutely Horrifying Truth (Video)
The Hidden Hand - NWO Spiritual Wars (Video)
Obama Morphing into a Beast Dreams and Confirmations (Video)
DNA 'Chains of Darkness' Keep Us Locked into This Dimension (Videos)
Seth Rich's Murder - The Key to Obamagate and Pedo Rings (Video)
The Greatest Horror the World Will Ever See (Video)
Religion Has Convoluted the Identity of Christ for Ages - True Identity Now Revealed! (Video)
Prophecy Alert: The Wedding Supper of the Lamb - Bride of Christ (Videos)
Global Elite Pedophile Network Exposed - Never Before Seen Data Reveals It All (Video)
How the Government Plans to Make the RFID Microchip a Requirement for All Citizens (Video)
The Antichrist Will Return Amidst Engineered Anarchy (Video)
Queen Elizabeth, Barack Obama and Prince Harry Telegraph Nuclear Destruction (Video)
Innocent Cat Commercial? Or 911 Nuclear Destruction (Video)
Donald Trump and Mass Media Sugar Coat His Real Identity - Here Is the Bitter Truth (Video)
These Basic Illuminati Symbols Are Everywhere (Video)
Jim Carrey and the All Mocking Tongue (Video)
If You Knew The Truth... Rio's Summer Olympics Ceremony Should Disturb You Immensely (Videos)
The Truth Behind Missing Flight 370 Malaysia Airlines (Video)
Our Flesh Is from the 'Skin of the Serpent' (Videos)
The Real Story Behind Judge Scalia and the St. Hubertus Hunt Club (Videos)
Satan Impregnated Eve and So Did Adam - Cain and Abel Were Twins! (Videos)
Obama Is Coming Back for the Red Wedding (Videos)
What Really Happened in Waco, Texas - Twin Peaks Biker 'Shootout' (Video)
U.S.A. Kingdom Is Divided: Red vs Blue - This Is the Big Picture Most People Are Missing (Video)
The Transmutation of the Human Race – Astounding Documentary: You AreExiles (New)
The Hoover Dam Alien Birth (Video)
Only 'The Truth' Can Set You Free - This Is It (Video)
911 (Angel of the Bottomless Pit) Is Coming - These Prophetic Events Just Confirmed It! (Videos)
Bible Prophecy from Genesis to Revelation 'Be4TheFire' Full Presentation (Video)
Stunning Truth About Lady Gaga and the New World Order (Videos)
Death Is Coming - Make Sure You.. (Video)
Beware: Do Not Go to This Church! (Video)
Paying Attention?
New End Time Documentary Will Blow Your Mind - The Most Profound Revelation Ever Released!
Religion Was Created to Kill Us - Here Is the Proof That Will Shock All! (Videos)
Strange Conspiracy Theory Commercial by Progressive Insurance - Here Is What It Means (Video)
New Supernatural Data Verifies Spoken Word of Christ to Be True - History Has Been Made! (Videos)
The True Origin of Humanity Revealed - This Is It! Most Profound Presentation Ever! (Video Series)
Largest Altar in the World Is a ... ! This Monumental Revelation Will Shock Humanity! (Video)
Human Hybridization Bloodlines: The DNA Infection of Iron Mixed with the Clay – Stunning! (Videos)
Unless You Are Born Upside down (Again) You Cannot See the Kingdom of God! (Video)
Jonathan Kleck's Personal Testimony
Satan's Rebuilt Kingdom - Marduk Returns
Most Bizarre Car Commercial You Will Ever See Proves NWO Plan to Kill Sheeple! (Video)
One World Freedom Tower Exposed: Crowning The Tyrant - You've Got to See This! (Video)
PizzaGate Cannibalistic Government Traces Back to Start of Civilization: Ancient Origin Now Uncovered! (Videos)
Fallen Angels: This Is the Evidence That Will Change the World! (Videos)
Obama Is about to Blindside the USA! This Exposes the Biggest Ruse Ever Pulled! (Videos)
Beware of the DNA Altering Mark of The Beast
Locked in the Matrix: How to Escape Your Spiritual Prison! Truth of the World We Live in - Mind Blowing! (Videos)
Immortal Angels Born Into Mortal Flesh! This Data Will Shock All! Mystery of the Human Race Solved! (Video)
The ABC of Exposing Satanic Symbolism - Bombshell Information!
HUGE NEWS! Virgin Mary's True Identity Uncovered! Wow - You Need to See This! (Video)
Russian NUKE - Tidal Wave - New York - It's Coming - URGENT ALERT!
Huge! Never Before Seen Secrets of the Holy See Revealed! They Are Not Going to Be Able to Hide This! (Videos)
BIGGEST REVEAL ON EARTH: The Queen's Organ of Death! (Video)
LIFE OR DEATH: Only One Way to Escape the Apocalypse - This Is It! Are You Ready? (Video)
Introducing the Simplicity of Salvation
Do NOT Accept Human RFID Microchip Implant — New Currency System!
Obama's 'Farewell Speech' Is Very Superstitious! - You've Got to See This!
Trapped in the Vesica Piscis! Huge Secrets of the Garden of Eden Unlocked!
David Rockefeller's Twin Towers: Never Before Seen Spirituality Behind 911 - This Is Big!
Earth-Shattering Truth About the 'Abomination of Desolation' Prophecy - Revealed!
Alert! New "Human-Like Avatar" Technology May Be Utilized to Introduce End Time 'Image of the Beast'!
Skull & Bones: Never Before Seen Revelation - It's Over For Them!
Riddle of Ages – Solved! See the Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyph That Uncovered the Origins of the Human Race!
Lucifer's Hidden Church Is No Longer Hidden! - Wow You Need To See This!
A 'Twin System' Runs the Entire Human Race - Bombshell Presentation!
Who Is the Real 'Bride of Christ'? - Unveiled Biblical Truth No One Else Is Bringing to Light!
A Matter of Life or Death: Are You on the Rock?
Shocking Truth about Baptism They Are Not Teaching You in Church!
Alien 'Covenant' Revealed - Spiritual Truths from Revelation 9! Huge End Time Alert!
Secrets of Trump's 2nd Coat of Arms Revealed!
Proof That Trump Is a Mouthpiece for Apollyon
No Such Thing As A Conspiracy Theory! – Progressive ‘Theory’ Commercial Hidden Meaning Exposed!
Most Powerful 'Highlight Reel' of Prophecy - Genesis to Revelation
Jose Cuervo: Last Days – It’s Now or Never! Obama & Climate Change
Women’s March – You Are Fuel to Be Burned!
COCO & Versace Commercials Reveal Stunning Truth About the Garden of Eden!
Creatures of the Bottomless Pit - the Real Alien Threat You Need to BeAware Of!
Uncovered: The Dragon, The Queen & The All-Seeing Eye!
The Devil is in the Details: Secrets of the Holy See Now Exposed That Will Leave You Stunned!
Master the Human Domain - Worldwide 'Alien Agenda' Identified and Revealed!
The ‘All-Seeing Eye’ Has Captured the Minds of Our Society
Strange Matthew McConaughey ‘Bull’ Commercial for Lincoln Automotive – What It Really Signified Will Blow You Away!
The True Identity of Jesus Christ - Will Turn Your World Upside Down
Lady Gaga 'Birthing a New Race' – What Race? Satan’s NWO Race: The Slaves of Darkness
The BEAST Is About to Be Unleashed! Humanity Will Never Be the Same
Are You on the Rock? – You Are Not in Jesus’ Church Unless You Are on the Rock!
CIA Secrets of the Vergina Sun - The Catholic Intelligence Agency
5 Most Disturbing Things Uncovered in the Vatican
Top 10 Spiritual Revelations of Our Lifetime
You Are an Angel That Was Birthed into the Flesh - The Biggest Uncovered Mystery of All Time!
Busted! Media Front-Loading: Russian 'Mole Nukes' Hidden Along US Coastline - Here is What They Are Not Telling You!
Supernatural Artwork Reveals ‘End Times’ Prophecy! The Most Jaw-Dropping Art Gallery You Will Ever Get To See!
Life or Death – Mystery of The Human Race Solved! The Origins of The Breath of Life
Trump's 666 Hand Sign Symbolism - Not 'White Power' Symbol
Who Is the Queen of Heaven? Mystery Babylon Solved!
How to Identify Demonic Possession
Vatican City’s ‘Beehive’ System Revealed!
Why Your Local Police Dept. is NOT Investigating #PizzaGate! You Need To Share This With Everyone Now!
Young Lady Becomes Demonically Possessed In ‘The New Fragrance’ Commercial!
What You Missed In Obama’s Healthcare Advertisement Will Leave You Stunned!
New Adidas Commercial Should Freak You Out! What Is Going On Here!
RED ALERT: Gotham Shield Prelude To $100 NYC Nuclear Tsunami!
Who Are The Nephilim? Unlocked Mysteries of The Hidden World
Maserati’s Extremely Disturbing Super Bowl Ad - Wow!
Elite Cannibalism Uncovered in Beyoncé’s Witchcraft!
Biblical Demons Unleashed in Scion xD 'Fable of Deviants' Bizarre Commercial!
Virgin Mary = Dead Sheep – Christ said ‘Feed my Sheep’ Not 'Kill Them'!
1340 B.C. Ancient Hieroglyph Solves ‘Riddle of Ages’ – DNA, Origin of Human Race, Nephilim, Genesis – Uncovered As Never Seen Before!
Mystery of ALL Mysteries: Why was St.Peter Crucified (Upside Down) and Christ (Right Side Up)? Solved: The Keys to The Kingdom of Heaven!
The Second Coming of Barack Obama: The Biblical Son of Perdition
Avocados from Mexico SuperBowl Commercial was Not What You Think – Oh My #AvoSecrets Exposed!
Vatican City's Reptilian Church: Absolutely Breathtaking!
False Flag Terror Predicted on U$A: How & Why!
The Bottom Line is - You Can’t Handle The Truth!
RED ALERT: Mass Extinction Nukes Are Expected!
The Image of the Beast Technology
The Dirty DEED in The Garden with Eve - The Arch Enemy
End Times: What is With All The Dead Sheep?
Who is 'The Bride' of Christ? Is There a Rapture?
Michelle (Michael) Obama is a Baphomet - Confirmed!
Who, What & Where is The Devil? The Human Reproductive System
The Book More Valuable than Vatican’s Secret Archives
Something Is Wrong: Skydiver Falls 25,000 ft With No Parachute Ritual Event
Fallen Angels: Humanity’s Darkest Secret
End Times: Giant Bugs Are Being Tattooed on People! Here Is Why!
Two Accounts of Creation? Genesis Mystery Solved!
The Human Race Identity Crisis: You Are Exiles
What Is the 3rd Temple?
They Are Not Going to Be Able to Hide This: Vatican’s Secrets Busted Wide Open!
You Are Mind Controlled. Biggest Government Violation of All Time! Now Revealed!
Sausage Party: The Joke is on You!
Oh My! Catholic Church Cannibalism Exposed!
The Locusts of The Bottomless Pit Are Hatching! Armageddon Watch End Time Sign!
Aliens are Demons! Your Soul is Being Hunted! Bombshell Truth!
Come Out of The Darkness & Into The Light!
Warning! FEMA is Shadow Government's Secret Weapon - Get Informed of Their Latest Hidden Trap!
Busted! The CIA and The Statue of Liberty (Video)
And Upon This Rock I Will Build My Church - Are You on the Rock?
The Grammy Awards: Beyoncé's Ouroboros Twins & Spiritual Egypt
Confirmed! The Beast Rising Out of The Sea
Ground Breaking: The Mystery of the Human Race 100% Solved!
Warning: The Slaughter of the Sheep - Planned Mass Extermination in NYC
Eternal Life: How to Absolutely Know You Are “Born Again!"