Testimony From God: Urgent Warning of a Soon Coming NYC Nuclear Tsunami

FEATURED VIDEO: Tsunami Tsunami TSUNAMI , Water as High as the Walls of Jerusalem..

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Description: Try to Wrap your Brain around this.



Jonathan Kleck was just on the phone with Jim, speaking about how the LORD communicated "the time is coming very quickly".

Their conversation on the cell phone was about "Putin and the tidal wave, that would be caused by the Russian torpedo (that the media has been front-loading everyone with) a torpedo that can travel 3,000 miles and deliver a payload that has a nuclear warhead that can deliver a radioactive tsunami." 

Jonathan was referring to the New York City nuclear tsunami that is printed on the $100 bill and the $10 bill of the U.S. Currency. 

See Hidden Images on U.S. Currency Match Prophecy of What’s Going to Hit the U.S.

That's what the conversation was that Jonathan had with Jim on the phone, it was about: Putin, the Russians, and the soon coming NYC nuclear tsunami. 

Jonathan then hung up the phone and decided to grab some Thai food.

When he went to go pick up the order, he was hanging in the parking lot when the LORD told him to go into this store called ROSS Dress For Less.

It was unusual for Jonathan because it's not a store that he would typically find himself going to.

Anyway, so here's what happened within about 15 minutes after having that conversation with Jim on the phone.

Jonathan walks into the store and goes over to a clothing rack and was led to pull this one shirt out of the rack (he couldn't see the design of the shirt until he pulled it out).

Here's the shirt:

"AND SO IT IS" - The shirt has a tsunami wave on it!

WOW! That's exactly what Jonathan and Jim were talking about on the cell phone right before he went to this ROSS store - the soon coming NYC nuclear tsunami (that's printed on the $10 & $100 U.S. currency bills)!

The tsunami shirt says "LOOK OUT OUT OUT" and the brand is a company called Brooklyn, CLOTH MFG.Co.!

WOW! Brooklyn is New York City!


The back of the tsunami shirt reads "A FORCE OF NATURE".


When the cashier handed Jonathan his change for purchasing the shirt, it was $9.19

Jonathan was led by the Spirit to look up that number, 919, in the Bible.

919 - means a gap or leak (in a building or a ship) - breach.

WOW!  Like a breach by water! 


What also stood out to Jonathan, is that the shirt has an EXIT sign that matches a scene from his personal testimony

The night Jonathan got saved there was an EXIT door to a fire escape with a sign just like this one.



After getting ahold of Jim on the phone to tell him what just happened and to affirm his testimony, Jonathan walked back into the ROSS store because he decided to get the tsunami shirt in an XL to wear for the video.

When he walked back into the ROSS store he slid the clothing rack open to a shirt again, and this time it was this "AEROPOSTALE NYC 87 NEW YORK" pink shirt!

That's unbelievable! That's exactly everything Jonathan has been saying in the testimony with the "AND SO IT IS"  tsunami shirt!

This is another communication straight from the LORD that affirms it all!

87 means without uncertainty, unambiguous.

The message the LORD God is giving Jonathan is that the nuclear tsunami destruction of New York City is without uncertainty, it is unambiguous.

Just to be clear: ambiguity means doubtfulness, so to say unambiguous means that "without a doubt" - this nuclear tsunami is going to destroy NYC.



To top it all off, Jonathan then receives a phone call from Eric (who didn't have any knowledge of what just happened with this tsunami testimony).

Eric called to tell Jonathan that he sent him two emails:

One email from Texas News Studios saying that Vladimir Putin's nuclear forces are on full alert and they will be conducting real-time alert maneuvers. 

Another email about the Obama-Seinfeld presidential limousine ride interview, when Obama has Jerry Seinfeld in the back of the presidential "beast" vehicle and Obama says "I can call a nuclear submarine right here with a push of this button." 

Obama goes for a spin with Jerry Seinfeld - BBC News

WOW! So while Jonathan just had this NYC nuclear tsunami shirt testimony going on with the shirt from ROSS and the conversation about Russia with Jim, then Eric calls him telling him about two emails he sent Jonathan and they intersect the same talking points involved in this tsunami shirt testimony!!

That's completely insane - but 100% true!

This testimony was established between 2-3 witnesses, this is a supernatural spiritual communication from the LORD.

Everything involved in this testimony is supernatural on steroids!



The hidden images of major bombings depicted on the U.S. Currency were revealed to Jonathan Kleck by the Holy Spirit years ago. 

The LORD God poured out a prophetic utterance through Jonathan in 2007, and these very words matched what was later revealed to be printed on the new $100 bill showing NYC being destroyed by a tsunami with nuclear devastation.

The LORD God has just delivered yet another supernatural testimony affirming there is a nuclear tsunami that is about to hit NYC. 

There's no way this is even statistically possible and there is just no way this is a coincidence - especially when you have witnessed the ongoing flow of supernatural miracles that have followed Jonathan Kleck's walk with the LORD.

This is a supernatural communication from the LORD God to his end-time prophet Jonathan Kleck to give us a head's up that the NYC nuclear tsunami is imminent!

Everyone needs to look past the geopolitical puppet show with Russia, and realize it's a spiritual war we are facing here and Satan is operating through host bodies to bring in his New World Order.

What's printed on the U.S. Currency that was revealed by the Holy Spirit to Jonathan Kleck - that's what you should focus on - understand that Satan's plans have been exposed.

The NYC nuclear tsunami is coming - this is an urgent alert from the LORD God.

The only way to win this war is to wake up to the truth by surrendering to the Lord Jesus Christ, receiving spiritual conversion.

This world has reached its end - it's time to get spiritually aware and prepared so you can be ready for the new beginning in heaven.



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