Fingerprints of God: The Geography of the Jordan River and the Dead Sea

FEATURED VIDEO: EVEN The GEOGRAPHY Bears Witness to the TRUTH -- TWINS Descending - Red Cleansing or ETERNAL DEATH

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This spiritual revelation was given by the Holy Spirit to Jonathan Kleck, an end-time prophet of the LORD God Jesus Christ.

It has been revealed how even the geography surrounding the Jordan River bears witness to the truth of the entire Bible.

Jacob and Esau were twins. On one side of the Jordan River is the land of Jacob (Israel) and on the other side of the Jordan River is the land of Esau (Edom).

The Jordan River flows down into the Dead Sea.



The word Jordan means a descender.

From H3381 to descend (literally to go downwards; or conventionally to a lower region, as the shore, a boundary, the enemy, etc.; or figuratively to fall).

In Biblical times the Jordan River was referred to as the Red Cleansing. Jesus was baptized by John in this river to fulfill all righteousness. When we get baptized into Christ we get cleansed of our sins, and spiritually converted (turned upside down).



Guess what happens in the Dead Sea?

“It is impossible to drown in the Dead Sea. All people float in this salt lake. This is because of the high concentration of salt in the water. The high salinity of the water increases the density of the water. Since the density is high, the buoyancy (upward thrust) will also be high. This high upward thrust enables people to float in this salt lake. If you submerge yourself you will be quickly inverted as you cannot be turned upside down.”

Due to its high salinity, you cannot be turned upside down in the Dead Sea!

WOW! That’s everything Jonathan Kleck has been preaching since the beginning, that unless you get spiritually turned upside down before you die, you cannot go back to heaven!

It's either you get cleansed of your sins in the Jordan River ("Red Cleansing" by the blood of Christ) and get turned upside down - or - you don’t and you continue to descend into the Dead Sea where you can no longer be turned upside down!



The geography of the land bears witness to the twin system. Jacob & Esau were twins, Jacob inhabited the land of Israel and Esau the land of Edom.

The Jordan River splits these two lands and empties into the Dead Sea.



  • If you travel down the river of life (like the Jordan River - a descender), and at some point, you cry out to God and get washed of your sins by the blood of Christ (like the "Red Cleansing") to become converted (spiritually turned upside down) - this reconciles you to God out of the twin system making your soul clean to pass back to heaven.


  • But if you continue to travel down the river of life (like the Jordan River - a descender) and never cry out to God and never get converted (spiritually turned upside down) then you are stuck in the twin system and will end in the Dead Sea where you can no longer be turned upside down - this means your soul goes to eternal death in hell.



The odds that this meaning behind the geographical layout is so Biblically accurate and significant is impossible. (But with God, all things are possible). This is 100% the fingerprints of God.

The spiritual revelation of the geography surrounding the Jordan River and the Dead Sea is conclusive of the entire spiritual truth of the Bible.

You either get washed in the Jordan River by the blood of Christ and turned upside down being restored to God granting you reconciliation back to heaven - or - you don't and end in the Dead Sea where you can no longer be turned upside down and you now will go to hell forever separated from God.

WOW! What a revelation! Praise the LORD! 



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