KATA Face Masks and the COVID Spiritual War Exposed!


Look at the brand name of these COVID face masks that are on the shelves now: KATA.

"And there shall be no more curse G2652: but the throne of God and of the Lamb shall be in it; and his servants shall serve him:" - Revelation 22:3 (KJV Holy Bible)

Curse G2652 katanthema from G2596 kata meaning (preposition) DOWN (in place or time)!

These COVID face masks are called KATA

KATA means DOWN! The curse is from the DOWN energy in the system!

Again, Revelation 22 says "And there shall be no more curse katanthema, from KATA (DOWN)! 

WOW!!! This is so profound when you know that the spiritual war we are in is as simple as DOWN vs UP! 



This chart explains the two opposing energies that are spiritually battling within the host body system:

JESUS, LIGHT, GOOD is UP (ANA is the Greek word in the Bible meaning UP) in the system. 

SATAN, DARK, EVIL is DOWN (KATA is the Greek word in the Bible meaning DOWN) in the system.

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Look closely at the logo for Advanced Diagnostic, it is DNA that's right-side-up / upside down and it contains the letter C.

C = 3 meaning Abaddon, the destroying angel

Remember, COVID-19 Official Name of Coronavirus Means: Angel of the Bottomless Pit - Sheep - Slaughter.

Why are all of these COVID testing facilities using the UP / DOWN symbology in their logos?!?

Notice how they also use the colors red and blue, representing blood:

Red blood has been oxygenated

Deoxygenated blood is darker due to the difference in color between deoxyhemoglobin and oxyhemoglobin which explains the appearance of blue blood in humans.


Davies Medclinic even incorporates the hexagon hive cell in their logo as well as an interlocking blue V and red V making an X!

Red blood represents Abel the child of Adam, living spiritual breathBlue blood represents Cain the child of Satan, killing spiritual breath

(Learn more: The Devil Impregnated Eve With Cain, Starting the Satanic Government – ‘The Deed: Eve & Adam Plus Serpent Equals Cain’ [Documentary]).

The V x V twin system is cannibalistic, one sucks the life out of the other like a vampire. 



While our blood is iron-based, some animals have copper-based blood turning it blue.

Notice these TOMMIE COPPER face masks: 

They cost $7.49 per mask.

7 means to destroy

49 means purification.

One race is set to destroy the other race in an act of purification!


Here is another brand of COVID face masks, FFG:

FFG = 667 meaning to carry off, carry (bring) away from 667 focuses back on the original condition (situation) from which someone is carried away. Usage: bear away (sometimes with violence).

WOW!!! These FFG face masks signify being carried away from one's original condition (sometimes with violence)!

It's all being exposed! The LORD God taught Jonathan Kleck how to read their language using the Bible. They can no longer hide! They are busted!



Look at the $20 bill. Andrew Jackson's forehead is bulging like a metal plate is in his forehead:

That's not a metal plate, it's a MASK! 

The $20 bill artwork was originally done in 1996, which proves that this pandemic is a plandemic that was planned well in advance by the demonic spirit running the show. 

What year did the COVID plandemic begin? 2020 - that's why they hid the mask specifically on the $20 bill - because 2020 is written all over it!

In the year 2020, the COVID plandemic began where we all were told we must wear a MASK!

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Our first Mother's Day Together 2020 #QUARANTINED.

What's with the T-rex dinosaurs

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See the Rolling Stones tongue? That's a manifestation of Isaiah 57:3-4 (KJV Holy Bible)Satan's race sticks out the tongue mocking and hating Jesus. 

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7UP | dnL

The same spiritual agenda that we saw on the $7.49 COVID masks is manifest with the drink 7UP.

Tell me, why would you call a drink 7UP? What does that even mean...?

It's Biblical, 7 means to destroy. UP

Get it? Satan's race is out hunting god's angels, they want to 7UP, destroy UP!

That's why the logo makes a scorpion stinger piercing a red dot, like piercing a female egg.

It's a depiction of the phrase 'to pop one's cherry' (referring to Satan taking Eve's virginity when he impregnated her with his evil seed of Cain)!

Remember, Satan is the king of the locust-scorpions in the bottomless pit

How do they destroy UP? They turn us upside down when birthed into the flesh host body system!

In fact, in 2002, the brand 7UP had a spinoff drink made called dnL (that's 7UP written upside down)!

dnL, a spinoff of 7UP, was meant to "Turn Your Thirst Upside Down." The product remained on the shelves for four years.

Lucifer the light-bearer, tricked god's angels (light beings) into coming into his upside down host body system. 

Lucifer exalted his throne (covering) above the stars of God to destroy UP (them)! They cryptically put it right there at this 7UP museum display:

"See the Light" 7UP (to destroy UP) covering over god's stars, angels, princes!

They wrote 7UP twice because it's the twin system that's destroying god's angels.



Inside Parachutist Magazine, why does this ad says "Get G'd Up" instead of "Get Geared Up"?

It's because G is the 7th letter of the alphabet. 7 = to destroy.

They are trying to destroy UP in the system - it's the same as the drink 7UP! it's the same as the $7.49 COVID masks!



This is what a magnetic field looks like as illustrated with iron shavings:

See the Metallica coffin with a magnetic field surrounding it?! Look very closely at the words "DEATH MAGNETIC" - they made the D and C shaped like two magnetic Us. 

That's because battling inside of you there is a 'good U' and a 'bad U'! Two opposing energies! 

There is an angel vs demon. That's what's happening inside the Metallica image that shows this tormented guy trapped inside himself, "HARDWIRED TO SELF-DESTRUCT'.

That's the spiritual truth of what is going on here. Angels trapped in the Devil's flesh are 'hardwired to self-destruct'; the self-cannibalizing system started with Cain&Abel, cainabel, cannibal!

Two energies are in opposition to each other and fighting within you. The flesh is contrary (opposite) to the spirit:

The only way to escape your host body prison is to be spiritually converted, born again of a new spirit (the Holy Spirit).

When you get converted, one energy gets flipped and the two are no longer in opposition within you.

The two become one, so making peace! That's what The Lord Jesus Christ's purpose was on the cross at Calvary:

"For he is our peace, who hath made both one, and hath broken down the middle wall of partition between us; " - Ephesians 2: 14-18 (KJV Holy Bible)

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All of this evidence proves the statement made by Jonathan Kleck, that "this world is nothing more than an elaborate killing trap."

Understand that the whole host body is a system of a DOWN and the only way back to heaven is to be born again, which means you got turned UP!

If you die in this system, before getting spiritually born again and turned right-side-up, your energy will go DOWN to hell.

Watch all of the evidence be brought to light in this video presentation. 


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