The Joker's 'Ace in the Hole' Revealed

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Description: The Term Gas lighting is not sifficient for what you are going to be shown i=over the Next Several Videos....This is Nothing Less Than the Outward Manifestation of Satan Taking Over the HOST BODY SYSTEM.


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[Spoiler Alert] In the movie Joker, after admitting on the live Murray show to killing three men on the subway, the Joker starts appealing toward society to try to gain their sympathy. 

He is appealing to society for those like him who feel cast out and downtrodden.

The movie is portraying that most of society has been dealt a bad hand, it's time to get our payback and get what's owed to us.

That's the identical mentality that has run rampant like a plague throughout our society.

You see it with the groups such as ACAB 1312, BLM, WOKE, EXTINCTION REBELLION...

The Joker movie was simply 'gaslighting' or frontloading society with what Satan's race of beings is doing in these end times.



The Joker ends up shooting Murray in the face on stage during his live show and is hauled off in the back of this police car with license plate 9189.

Notice how the police car itself is also numbered 9189.

91 means to do wrong, act wickedly. I act unjustly towards, injure, harm. properly, doing wrong (committing injustice), especially to inflict undeserved hurt by ignoring God's justice. acting contrary to what is divinely approved.

89 means incessantly. unceasingly, without remission. 

Wow - How did the Bible get that right?! 

That's precisely what the Joker is doing and promoting in the movie!

The Joker and the rioters are incessantly acting wickedly and acting unjustly towards, injuring, harming, and committing injustice especially to inflict undeserved hurt by ignoring God's justice!

That's exactly what is happening throughout our society in these end times with the ACAB 1312, BLM, WOKE, EXTINCTION REBELLION... hate groups that have rioted and burned cities!

FEATURED MOVIE CLIP: Joker - Police Car Scene

In this scene, an ambulance t-bones the 9189 police car that has the Joker arrested in the back seat.

Rioters pull the unconscious Joker out of the smashed police car window. The Joker arises after regaining consciousness and the rioting crowd begins cheering him as if he is their savior!

Oh yeh, and they're all wearing masks!



In this scene we see a sign that reads 'ACE IN THE HOLE' and it shows a female bent over with her rear-end up in the air, like an ad for an X-rated show.

All of society right now is changing because of the 'ace in the hole' that Satan had since the beginning of the world.

Satan's 'ace in the hole' was using the female host body as bait to lure god's angels into his flesh dimension. (Learn more: Female Body Was Lucifer's Scorpion Creation to Pierce God's Angels - Shhh!).

The song that is playing when you see this scene is The White Room by Cream.

'Cream' is euphemistic of semen.

That's why they are playing this song by Cream throughout this scene in the movie Joker where they show Satan's 'ace in the hole' female host body as bait to lure god's angels into his flesh dimension!

(You get injected into the Devil's flesh system via semen).



What exactly is an 'ace in the hole' according to the definition?

An ace dealt face down to a player (as in stud poker) and not exposed until the showdown. 

Everyone got turned face down when birthed into the flesh dimension. The only way out of the flesh prison system is to be spiritually turned face up!

Look at the brand name of these COVID face masks that are on the shelves now: KATA. 

These COVID face masks are called KATA! KATA means DOWN!

The curse is from the DOWN energy in the system!

Again, Revelation 22 says "And there shall be no more curse katanthema, from KATA (DOWN)! 

(Read more: KATA Face Masks and the COVID Spiritual War Exposed!).

Look at the covid mask hidden on the $20 bill:

The $20 bill with Andrew Jackson's forehead originally came out in 1996, which proves that COVID-19 masks being unleashed in the year 2020 was planned well in advance by the dark entity running the show from behind the scenes. (See: N95 Mask Hidden on $20 Bill! Proves COVID-19 Was a Plandemic).

It's like Satan had an 'ace in the hole', playing the COVID-19 (Abaddon Sheep Slaughter) card to lockdown society and usher in the mark of the beast system. 



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