Isotoxal Stars: NATO, ACAB, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Drake, Die Antwoord, and You!


Today we are going to learn about isotoxal stars - what are they? What do they represent spiritually? Why are they so prevalent throughout our society?

Question: What do you call a 3 or 4 pointed star?

Basically, 3 & 4 pointed stars are called isotoxal stars.

Question: What does it mean to be isotoxal?

In geometry, a polytope (for example, a polygon or a polyhedron), or a tiling, is isotoxal or edge-transitive if its symmetries act transitively on its edges.

Informally, this means that there is only one type of edge to the object: given two edges, there is a translation, rotation and/or reflection that will move one edge to the other, while leaving the region occupied by the object unchanged.

Just as portrayed on the album art "NATO" by techno group Laibach, that's what's happening inside the human host body system: there is a translation, rotation and/or reflection!

Being spiritually trapped in an upside-down host body your energy is undergoing translation, rotation and/or reflection turning into your own opposite mirror reflection!



Remember, 1312 in the Bible means destruction, decay, corruption

That's why ACAB 1312 is using the isotoxal star symbology! Inside the host body system the 'good you' is decaying and turning into the reflection of the 'evil you' while leaving the outside unchanged. 

The spiritual agenda that is manifesting in groups like ACAB 1312 is thorough destruction, decay, corruption of God's stars (princes, angels) who are caught in the host body system.

Read more: We Now Know Who Really Runs ACAB! 



NATO uses an isotoxal star in its logo. Why?

Why do they write: NATO - OTAN, forward and backward?

Jude 1:6 states, "And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day." (KJV Holy Bible)

everlasting means everduring (forward and backward, or foward only): - eternal, everlasting.

chains means a band, that is, ligament (of the body) or shackle (of a prisoner).

See, angels got cast into everlasting (forward and backward) chains (ligaments of the body)!

That's why NATO-OTAN has its organizational acronym both forward and backward! It's a manifestation of this spiritual reality that we are angels trapped in the host body system which is a world of duality, good and evil, light and dark, etc.



The same spiritual reality was embroidered into Beyoncé's dress that she was wearing on stage while pregnant with twins.

On her dress, there is an ouroboros serpent and an isotoxal star right over her pregnant belly! Here it is colored in to help your visual perception:

Beyoncé is carrying twins and there is an ouroboros wrapped around her belly with an isotoxal star!

Ouroboros is the serpent or dragon eating its own tail representing self-cannibalism.

The cannibalistic system originated with the birth of the twins Cain & Abel. Say Cain & Abel three times fast: Cain/Abel, cainabel, cannibal!

Cain killed his brother Abel and that's what's happening within the host body system, the evil you is killing the good you, you are being spiritually cannibalized.

Beyoncé was on stage, pregnant with twins, dressed to resemble the Virgin.

The Virgin was Eve! Eve was impregnated with twins: Cain by Satan and Abel by Adam.

Beyoncé and her dress are a spiritual manifestation of the twin system that originated with the Virgin (Eve) in the Garden of Eden and it is cannibalistic in nature.



Now it makes perfect sense why Drake wears this necklace featuring an isotoxal star and portrays himself as Scorpion on his album cover. (Satan, Abaddon, is the king of the locust-scorpions in the pit!). (See: Ezekiel the Prophet Got it Right: We "Dwell Among Scorpions" ~ !)

Take a look at another isotoxal star necklace, a Five Percent Nation medallion, sported by Beyoncé's husband Jay-Z:

The Five Percent Nation is an offshoot of the Nation of Islam and one of the core tenets they believe is that white people are 'weak' and 'inferior' to black men who hold the power of God. 

Read about their belief's here:


Not only is the Five Percent Nation medallion an isotoxal star, but it is also an 8-pointed star

An 8-pointed star is also called the star of Lucifer!

It is common to see the 8-pointed star of Lucifer associated with an isotoxal star:

We are the stars (princes, angels) that Lucifer (the light-bearer) led astray into his host body system.



Die Antwoord's album cover features the same star and shows the female host body. 



That's also what is going on in this quarantine meme with Die Antwoord; male and female touch on day 1.

Whether they know it or not - they're referencing Genesis 1, to 'touch' the forbidden fruit means to lie with a woman.

By day 237, their hands are crossed making an X and the two, male and female, have become one.

237 in the Bible means: from another place.

That's what happens when angels touched the female bait in Genesis 1, the male energy got mixed with female energy from another place. Angels took the female sex trap bait and got cast into human host bodies where the male energy is spiritually cannibalized.

Don't believe it? Then what's going on with this Die Antwoord album that shows Yolandi in angel wings eating a human heart?

I'm sure it has nothing to do with the Biblical truth about angels falling into a cannibalistic host body system...



It's the same agenda they showed us in the movie The Shining. Don't open room 237 - from another place!

Jack Nicholson opens room 237 where a young attractive female is getting out of the bathtub. He takes the bait and starts kissing her and then he sees in the mirror reflection that she suddenly turns into an old hag decaying like a corpse! (Representing, that he is making out with death)!

On a spiritual level, it's the same thing that the Die Antwoord Quarantine Day 237 meme is portraying:

The reality is that God's angels touched the forbidden fruit, they had sex with the female host body trap that was set in Genesis 1. This opened the door to 237, yoking them with the entity from another place, which is death - the female energy - within the host body system. 

This iconic movie scene portrays the spiritual truth of the Bible in plain sight!

The host body system is the mechanism whereby we stars (stars are princes in the Bible, shining ones) are undergoing translation, rotation and/or reflection!



Do you really think ACAB stands for 'All Cats Are Beautiful'?

When you turn the ACAB pussy cat upside down it's clear to see the real agenda is the same as these females with the insect tattoo outlining their reproductive system and the largest altar in the world housed inside the Vatican - they are all insects!

What's really going on behind the host body phantom illusion idol is Satan running the insect race that is hunting the light energy of God's angels by harvesting semen through the host body system. 

The female was the original bait used by the insect race that is run by Lucifer (Satan) to bring down God's angels and trap them in the host body system. 

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