Prophecy Alert: Daniel 12 Time of Trouble 'Female Rival' Is Here!


The time of trouble "female rival" is upon us as prophesied in Daniel 12!

This video presentation by end-time harbinger Jonathan Kleck reveals spiritual data on a variety of topics that provide evidence of this prophecy that has manifested all around us in these end times. 

Everyone needs to see what is rolling out right now - the profundity of these revelations will echo in eternity.


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Description: See the truth Manifest again before your eyes.


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The prophecy of Daniel 12 states "there shall be a time of trouble H6869" meaning female rival.

We are living right now in the end times where the female rival is taking over!

You will see proof of this throughout the following bodies of evidence presented in this article: Liberty Mutual 'Bad Job' Commercial, Alice in Chains 'Your Decision', How Would Bach Play Crazy Train? and even more data in the video presentation.

All the evidence has one conclusive agenda: the female rival is cutting out and cannibalizing the male energy throughout the host body system.

The prophecy of Daniel 12 time of trouble H6869 female rival - is here!



In this commercial by Liberty Mutual, they make the male actor out to be a total buffoon who does a 'bad job' at reciting the simple commercial script. 

Look how they frame this scene like they are cutting his head off. Also, note that it is TAKE 96.

96 in the Bible means failing to pass the test.

The male actor keeps failing to pass the test when he keeps reading his lines wrong in the Liberty Mutual commercial! 

See the Statue of Liberty in the background, that's the Mother of Exiles!

When you know what the Statue of Liberty / the Mother of Exiles truly represents it is highly significant.

He keeps failing to pass the test and they want to cut him out! Get it?! 

They are cutting the male energy out of the Mother of Exiles system.

The male energy is being destroyed, this commercial shows just that while mocking you!

Let's continue with more evidence of the time of the female rival.



Alice means nobility.

Alice In Chains = Nobility in chains! We are nobility in chains, we are angels that fell into everlasting chains under darkness.

"And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains G1199 under darkness unto the judgment of the great day." - Jude 1:6 (KJV Holy Bible)

Chains G1199 means ligament (of the body). 

Now looking at the music video Alice In Chains - 'Your Decision'. Listen to the lyrics and watch this video.

The business card says "YOUR DECISION 1023 Corinthians Drive"

1 Corinthians 10:23 says, "All things are lawful for me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but all things edify not." (KJV Holy Bible)

This business card is saying it's your decision, it's lawful for you to exercise your free will and indulge in licentious freedom, come to the host body sex party.

The female dressed in black leads the man upstairs and we can clearly see the dragon painted on the wall representing Satan who is leading god's children astray into the sinful flesh host body party.  

It's a deception because that's how you lose your soul - angels get trapped in the host body system and sin destroys them.

That's why they have this guy with black angel wings with one hand up and one hand down, in a room with two females stripped down to their underwear.

During the party, promiscuous activities are happening throughout the rooms in the mansion and at the dinner table, they are eating human organs!

The men at the table have been in the system so long they have become gluttons of it. 

They brand their prisoners "9687".

Wow, 96 - failing to pass the test, just like the Liberty Mutual commercial! What does 87 mean? We'll get to that in a moment...

Then we see the menu at the dinner table:

96 means failing to pass the test80 means a brother, especially a fellow Christian

96 means failing to pass the test81 means brotherhood, the members of the Christian Church.

96 means failing to pass the test82 means to fly and also means unseen, not obvious

96 means failing to pass the test. 83 means pinions, wings and also means the quality of being unseen (of disappearing), uncertainty.

WOW! Angels have wings and fly and are of the Christian Church and a brother is referencing the male energy. 

They are eating angels that are failing to pass the test and don't get redeemed out of the flesh host body chains!

We are seeing what is typically unseen, we are seeing what is happening in the spiritual realm within the host body system where angels are being cannibalized! 

Humans are on the dinner menu! There are human organs on the dinner plates in this music video!

OMG! They are literally showing that they are self-cannibalizing! 

At the end of the video we see the end of the menu:

9687 your info here.

Then they show this female rival sticking a fork in a human heart to cut into and eat it!

Now here is why they branded that guy with the numbers 9687:

87 in the Bible means whole-hearted unwavering! She is eating a whole heart of a human!

Remember, 96 means falling to pass the test! She is eating the whole hearts of those who are failing to pass the test

We are nobility in chains, angels in ligaments of the body (shackles of a prisoner). 

The angels in host bodies who are failing to pass the test (failing to be reconciled by the male energy of Our Heavenly Father) are being self-cannibalized by the female rival energy. 

Alice In Chains is openly displaying the spiritual reality of the female rival energy that is cannibalizing the male energy within the host body system!



Cain & Abel were heteropaternal superfecundation twins (twins with two different fathers).

Cain was the child of the Devil and evil. Abel was the child of Adam and good.

We are in the twin system of good and evil,  angel / demon, light / dark, up / down, Jesus / Satan - two frequencies battling in each human host body.

The nature of the system is Cain/Abel, cainabel, cannibal! The evil cannibalizes the good within the host body - unless you get converted. 

Look at the root of the name origin of Cain H7014 same as H7013 from H6969 meaning to strike a musical note.

This is so profound when you understand that there are two frequencies spiritually operating within the human host body system that originated from the birth of the twins Cain and Abel.



The following Heineken commercial is started when they strike a musical note - you have to see this, it manifests this Biblical truth so plainly!

View the featured article below that uncovers the popular Heineken commercial, Cheers To The Unexpected New Friends, which conspicuously displays the horrifying truth of our humanity upon spiritual and mortal death.

View: Heineken Commercial Illustrates What Happens When a Man Dies Without Christ!



In this YouTube video, the music teacher who goes by "Shredmaster Scott" explains how Bach would play Crazy Train by applying inversion (upside down) to the musical score!

That's exactly what is going on inside our heads, there are two frequencies controlling the human race from within.

One frequency is Jesus, right-side up. The other frequency is Satan, inverted (upside down). Angel / Demon. 

The music teacher literally just tells us everything's inverted (upside down)!

Then out-of-nowhere the music teacher shows a flash track containing these 3 images:

1. An attractive female (the bait).

2. Baphomet (who has boobs and a penis, representing female and male in one system).

3. Bach holding his eyes open with the 666 hand gesture with his tongue sticking out!

How bizarre! He just put the spiritual Biblical truth of this system in plain sight (but doesn't even know it)!

Angels took the female sex bait and got cast into an inverted (upside down) host body system run by the prince of the power of the air (Satan, Baphomet) where they were awakened to the devil's 666 carbon flesh male/female host body system!

"Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit G4151 [(superhuman) an angel, demon] that now worketh in the children of disobedience:" Ephesians 2:2 (KJV Holy Bible)

See, we are all spirit G4151 [(superhuman) an angel, demon] - two frequencies inside the human host body temple! 

The only way to fix the two opposing energies within you is to repent, and be born again of Christ's spirit, the Holy spirit!

The purpose of The Lord Jesus Christ was to make of the two, one new man so making peace.



Isaiah 7:14 (KJV Holy Bible) - "Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel."

Immanuel H6005 means with us (is) God H410 El!

El H410 is the Almighty - God!



Israel is not about what race you are or the color of your skin.

Isaiah 45:17 (KJV Holy Bible) - "But Israel H3478 shall be saved in the LORD with an everlasting salvation:..."

Israel H3478 he will rule as God H410 ElJisrael, a symbolical name of Jacob.

Those of us who get converted go from being Jacob (supplanter) to Israel (he will rule as El). That's who Israel is.

Once we get converted, El rules within our host body temple. 

This is what happens when you are converted by the male energy of Immanuel (with us is El) and reconciled to Our Heavenly Father The Lord Jesus Christ and thus we become Israel (he will rule as El).



The entire world is about one thing: the transfer of energy. God's angels got trapped in a host body system. Self-cannibalizing male / female energies are in opposition within the human temple.

  • If you die in a divided condition, you die and your energy goes down to hell.
  • If you get converted, your energy gets restored to Our Heavenly Father and will go up to heaven.

The video presented at the start of this article uncovers a variety of spiritual evidence that proves the female rival energy is here at the end times and it is cannibalizing the male energy within the host body system making it completely desolate. 

The only way to stop the process of self-cannibalization that is occurring within each human host body is for that temple to be reconciled by the male spiritual energy of The Lord Jesus Christ, Immanuel.



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