Female Body Was Lucifer's Scorpion Creation to Pierce God's Angels - Shhh!

Pay very, very close attention to this video montage presented by Jonathan Kleck.

The male and female host body system was nothing more than an elaborate costume used by Lucifer as bait to trap God's angels into a host body system where they can be destroyed.

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Lyrics from the song Lola by The Kinks:

The name Lola means "sorrows", taken from one of the titles of the Virgin Mary.

"And I'd never ever kissed a woman before...

She said "Little boy, gonna make you a man"

"...I know what I am and I'm glad I'm a man

And so is Lola"

See, Lola is a man that is dressed up as a woman!

The song Lola is really about the female host body bait that is being run by Lucifer (Satan, aka Baphomet) who's female energy is taking over and destroying the male energy in the system.

Baphomet is depicted with female and male members: boobs and a penis.

The host body is an idol phantom illusion used to trap angels into the flesh host body system of opposing energies, male and female, where they can be destroyed by sin which separates them from the LORD God.

Here is the revelation of the meaning behind LOLA as unveiled by the Holy Spirit using the corresponding definitions from the Strongs concordance of the Bible:

LO = 1215 gain made by violence, unjust gain, profit.

LA = 121 Adam: the first man.

WOW! See, elohiym (gods, angels) that sided with Lucifer and rebelled against the LORD, took unjust gain by violence when they broke away from heaven to inhabit host body idols that they created to plunder Adam, the first man

That's why The Kinks wrote this song Lola, a name meaning "sorrows", taken from one of the titles of the Virgin Mary.

The Virgin Mary is really a dead sheep:

Praying to feminine energy is what kills the sheep (Christians are known as sheep). 

Praying to masculine energy (Our Heavenly Father, The Lord Jesus Christ aka. "The Good Shepard") provides life to the sheep.



Why is there a clothing brand called S.T.F.U. and their logo is making the "Shhh" hand gesture over their lips?

The logo has vampire fangs because they know the host body system is vampiric and that you are being spiritually cannibalized from within. 

They are mocking you, saying "Shut The F*** Up" about their agenda of spiritual cannibalization that is secretly happening inside the host body system, while you don't even know it!

Learn more about: Rihanna, Lohan Secret Tattoo 'Slaughter Jesus' Shhh! They Are Finished!

S is the 19th letter of the alphabet, and in the Bible 19 means slaughter!

H is the 8th letter and thus hhh = 888 which has a Biblical meaning = Jesus!

Here is Madonna doing the same "Shhh!" symbol with an upside-down triangle covering one eye, leaving open the all-seeing eye of Satan.

"M FOR MOTHER." The female energy is slaughtering the male energy (Our Heavenly Father, The Lord Jesus Christ) within the host body system.

Who is behind the big "Shhh!" slaughter Jesus secret? 

"It's getting dark in this little heart of mine." See the outline of an insect on this girl's shirt? 

"All you can eat" on her panties?

That's a manifestation of Satan's insect race that has been feeding off the light energy of all the souls of God's children who go to hell.

The dark reality is that the female is used as a shadow hunter that is spiritually inhabited by Satan (the king of the locust-scorpion insect race) who harvests light energy via semen. 



Who is Satan? Who is Apollyon? Who is Abaddon? Who is the angel of the bottomless pit? They are simply names for the same entity.

Revelation 9:11, that entity is the king of the locust-scorpions!

The word scorpion G4651 means to pierce!

WOW! See the connection to Genesis 1 female meaning pierce!

God H430 elohiym (angels) created the host body system of both male and female H5347 from H5344 meaning to puncture, pierce, strike through!

God H430 elohiym was the rebel angels and Lucifer that made an inverted idol phantom human host body system consisting of both male and female.

Revelation 9:7-8 tells us that the locust-scorpions' "faces were as the faces of men. And they had hair as the hair of women.."

That's because what was created in Genesis 1 would pierce man throughout the entire history of the world and create a race of locust-scorpions in the pit. Female means to puncture, pierce, and strike through!

That's the dark spiritual truth about the female creation in Genesis 1! 

I have 3 sides to me...  1) The quiet & sweet side  2) The fun & crazy side  3) The Side You Never Want To See:

It's really Satan, the king of the locust-scorpions (the insect race), who is behind the mask of the female host body illusion.

Satan is the one who is behind the Catholic church and Virgin idolatry worship. 

(That's why people have these bizarre 'praying mantis' Virgin tattoos!)

Praying to the Virgin = death.

Eve was the Virgin who was deceived by the serpent in the Garden of Eden, causing the fall of the living into the flesh system. 

The scripture says ".. flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God." - 1 Corinthians 15:50 (KJV Holy Bible)

That's why one must be spiritually born again to go to heaven and only your Spirit can go, not your flesh host body.



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