The Prophesy is Upon Us! Godsmack Scorpion Stinger Testimony

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Description: Recording 3 ?????????????????????????????????? U Gotta Be Kidding Search Strong's Greek: 3. Ἀβαδδών (Abaddón) -- Abaddon, the destroying angel.


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There was a violent hail storm in Texas and when Jonathan got back to his home after seeking shelter, there was a giant shattered hole in his window about the size of his hand.

All the other windows were fine but this one window was hit where he has an old image of Vampires sunglasses by Vlad Eyewear with him skydiving upside down with vampire fangs on. This window goes into his art gallery room. 

The weather has not been opportune to replace the window but when the weather finally changed Jonathan spoke to his friend Art, who helped out framing the little church building project in the past. 

Art stopped by to fix the window and was telling Jonathan that he just recently got stung by a scorpion! 

What's so bizarre is that they are fixing the window to Jonathan's art gallery room that depicts the locust-scorpions of Revelation 9 coming out of a portal!

VIDEO: KLECK CLIPS - EXTENDED Godsmack Scorpions - 06.05.20

Art recounted how he just got stung by a scorpion while working in the countryside recently:

"More painful than any other sting I've had in my life - and it was tiny, about an inch and a quarter.

I was working out on the countryside and I lifted a big piece of material. I started lifting it up and I squeezed ahold of him and felt something squishy - that's when he tagged me on the hand like twice! Man, it was the worst feeling I've felt in my life! It was agonizing pain! I felt like.. I was crying like a baby, honestly.

I've been kicked by a horse.. stepped on by a horse.. been just about stung by any creature you can think of.. been bitten by big fish.. by dogs.. you name it.. BUT this scorpion sting - it made me stop in my tracks and I had to hold onto my arm - because that's how much pain was flowing up to my body!" 

"It immobilized me. I had to stand still for a minute because I started losing my breath. It was very, very agonizing - it was the worst thing I've ever felt - a lot of pain." 

Again, what's so bizarre is that they are fixing the window to Jonathan's art gallery room that depicts the locust-SCORPIONS of Revelation 9 coming out of a portal! (Here is a picture of the artwork below).

Upon fixing the broken window, they needed to get more supplies from Home Depot so Art hops in Jonathan's truck.

Art asks Jonathan, "Have you ever heard of the band Godsmack?"

Art pulls up the video on his phone: Godsmack - I Stand Alone.

In the opening scene of the video, the lead singer of Godsmack lifts up his sunglasses to see!

This woman then appears in the music video and states "The prophesy is upon us." and the lead singer of Godsmack gets stung by a scorpion!


WOW! The scorpion sting is just like what happened to Art! 

The LORD God Jesus Christ is using Jonathan's friend Art as a testimony to help give us a head's up that 'The prophesy is upon us" and that Abaddon's locust-scorpion race is going to birth onto the earth just as prophesied in Revelation 9 of the Holy Bible!



To top it off, when Jonathan records this video testimony accounting to us what happened, the video happens to be 'Recording #3'!

WOW! Did you know in the Bible the number 3 = Abaddon, who is the angel of the bottomless pit!?

Abaddon is the king of the army with locust-scorpions in the pit!

We need to be prepared so we can stand with our faith in The Lord Jesus Christ because the end is at hand and (Satan, Apollyon, Abaddon)'s locust-scorpion race is going to birth onto the earth just as prophesied in Revelation 9 of the Holy Bible!

The fact that all of these testimonies happened surrounding the art gallery room that displays supernatural artwork that portrays the soon-coming apocalypse, is just out of this world!

It 100% feels The Lord Jesus Christ is giving us a 'heads up' that what is expressed through this artwork is about to happen!

There's no way a person who never read the Bible could carve in sheet metal the precise hidden mystery of the Bible in this artwork.

Angels coming down from heaven having sex with human women, giving birth to a hybrid race of beings.


The artwork beneath portrays a portal opening to a dimension where Abaddon's race of locust-scorpion is emerging out of the bottomless pit!

Everything carved into the sheet metal art is 100% Biblical - That's not possible - how could anyone get that right before ever reading the Bible?!? 

That's because the LORD God knew He would eventually wake Jonathan up and explain the supernatural artwork as a revelation to what the Bible all truly details. 

The Lord Jesus Christ is giving us a 'heads up' and is communicating that any moment now those locust-scorpions from the pit are going to birth out of the pit unto the earth to sting men who do not have the seal of God in their foreheads!

The only way to be prepared is in Christ! 

"As for our redeemer H1350, the LORD of hosts is his name, the Holy One of Israel." - (Isaiah 47:4 KJV  Holy Bible)

Redeemer H1350 means to redeem (according to the Oriental law of kinship), that is, to be the next of kin (and as such to buy back a relative's property,...

Have you been redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb? The Lord Jesus Christ sacrificed Himself on the cross for our sins and bought back his relative's property (YOU). He loves you and paid the price for you. Now is a good time to pray and make sure you are prepared - today if you hear His voice harden not your heart.



Art helped Jonathan in the frame construction of the little church building, which was another extremely supernatural project orchestrated by the LORD.

Here is a picture of the floor art as it was in progress, that depicts sperm fertilizing an egg creating the twin system.

 (Note how the Godsmack logo we saw earlier looks very similar to the sun the art makes..)

Upon completion of the building project, Jonathan heard the LORD tell him to measure the width of the building which turned out to 76". He then hears to measure the length of the building, which turned out to be 200".


76" x 200"

76 in the Bible means - Adam, the first man.

200 in the Bible means - a locust.

WOW! Beginning to the end! - Adam to the locust-scorpions in the pit! (See: From Adam to Locusts - The End of the World - The Impossible Truth Is Here)

25 And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; 

26  Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken. 

27  And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. 

28  And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh. - (Luke 21: 25-28 KJV Holy Bible)

What are "those things which are coming on the earth"?!? THOSE THINGS ARE LOCUST-SCORPIONS!!!



Have you seen the prophetic utterance the LORD God spoke through Jonathan Kleck? (See: Prophetic Utterance - 2008 Prophecy Fulfilled: The Travail Begins) - It is surely unfolding right before our very eyes!

The Lord Jesus Christ gave us a watchman in the end-time to prepare our hearts and wash our garments clean by the Blood of the Lamb before all hell breaks loose. So very grateful. Amen.



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