The Truth Is So Obvious Now! Look at this Scriptural Nuclear Bomb to Satan's Falling Kingdom!

FEATURED VIDEO: The TRUTH is SO OBVIOUS NOW !! LOOK at this SCRIPTURAL Nuclear Bomb to SATAN's Falling Kingdom !!

Description: The Scriptures Declare the Glory of the King and Also Indict ALL Those that seek to withstand the Truth.. The Truth IS SELF-SUFFICIENT and Stands Alone, Just as this ministry was told to stand Alone as a witness to The Plethora of False teachings ...The Truth is Self sustaining and the Bride is readying Herself for the Exodus


This world is a fallen kingdom and the evidence is present all around us explaining what is really going on in this world on a spiritual level.

For example, let's analyze this perfume commercial by Dior called, 'Dior Poison Club - Poison Kiss - Stage 5'.

"Are you a watcher or a dancer? Let's practice. Step 1." The female dancer turns the male dancer's head upside down!

"Step 2." Clearly, there is a V tattoo on the inside of her elbow.

"Step 3." Male and female combine and start grinding together. "And 1 and 2. And 1 and 2."

"Now you add this."

The female dancer makes an X on her chest and makes another X on her crotch. XX represents the female XX chromosome. 

Satan's goal was creating a host body system wherein he turns upside down the male energy (XY) of our Heavenly Father (the Lord Jesus Christ) and destroys it within the system by way of the female rival energy (XX)

"And 1 and 2. And 1 and 2. Step 4"

"We're not girls, we're Poison" - Dior Poison Club - Poison Kiss - Stage 5.

Why does the female dancer make a V on her face with her hand when she says "We're not girls, we're Poison." ?!? 

V represents the VxV twin system of good and evil that originated in the Garden of Eden with the birth of the heteropaternal superfecundation twins: Cain & Abel. V is also the Roman numeral for the number 5. In the Bible, there is a parable concerning the 5 wise virgins and the 5 foolish virgins. (Read Matthew 25)

That's the truth put right in front of us in this perfume commercial by Dior, but only those who have been given eyes to see will understand the spiritual profundity of it.


That's also why this restaurant LA Crawfish had their tables set up as two big red X's

The LA Crawfish logo showcases an isotoxal star. This is very significant when you understand the spiritual transmutation ongoing within the host body system. 

LA Crawfish even has a signpost in the middle that reads SEAFOOD, PO-BOYS (making a sideways V) and GUMBO, WINGS (making another sideways V).

The spirit that is operating all of the unconverted world and the employees that are trapped in the VxV twin system manifests all around us.


Here is the Clothing line Broken Promises, "Good Times Bad Friends."

Look at the wrist of the skeleton hands making a V and a V! Get it?

Same thing with "a lost cause". See the double Vs?

The VxV twin system even presents itself in this video thumbnail "What caused an outbreak of desert locusts in East Africa..."

Why is she holding them like that?! She makes a V using the two locusts!


Why does the artwork for a tattoo shop sign show a man with ghostly eyes? Why does the entire mural resemble the likes of a giant scorpion?


The same reason that this rapper Drake is depicting himself as a scorpion... 


Why would someone turn themselves into a scorpion like that? Why would they have their eyes glowing like that? 

It is the energy from the bottomless pit that is spiritually possessing them. Their God is Abaddon, the king of the army of locust with tails like scorpions!

Satan is Abaddon and is Apollyon (they are synonymous). Abaddon's locust-scorpion race is going to birth onto the earth just as prophesied in Revelation 9 of the Holy Bible!

Even Drake's clothing is the same as the mortal combat character named 'Scorpion'!

The root of the word scorpion in the Bible is from G4649 meaning: to peer about "skeptic"; through the idea of concealment; a watch (sentry or scout).

The spirit occupying Drake is using him as a watch sentry, making Drake an above ground host-body scout of Satan's scorpion race in the bottomless pit! (See: Ezekiel the Prophet Got it Right: We "Dwell Among Scorpions" ~ ! (Video) | Prophecy)

Just like the possessed people wearing this clothing line Broken Promises

"ADDICTED TO YOUR POISON" - See the scorpion!?!


If you know anything about bio-hacking, you that people can walk into a tattoo shop and if requested they can put a chip in you wherein you can sync it to your phone to unlock doors, etc.

Look at one of the companies making these RFID chips: Invengo Scorpion RFID

WOW! That's very telling when you understand that Satan (Abaddon, Apollyon) is the king of the locust-scorpion race in the pit and the RFID microchip is the mark of the beast that sells your soul to hell!


Why would you name a store LEELEE?

L = 12 = boundless, bottomless (Usage: the abyss, unfathomable depth, an especially Jewish conception, the home of the dead and of evil spirits).

EE = VV = 55 (like the VxV twin system).

The butterfly makes an 'X' and altogether this store name is yet another sign of the bottomless pit that is about to hatch unleashing the locust-scorpions of Revelation 9!

A similar symbology is present on this VITRAN truck: eVe.

The Lord Jesus Christ has made Jonathan Kleck fluent in their language, and he can see the spiritual truth of the world that is usually concealed from us.


"One thing I want to do is that I want you to understand that there are two different directions of energy." - Jonathan Kleck.

There is a right-side-up and there is an upside-down, just like the polarity of two magnets.

When the magnets are opposed to each other they will not stick together.

But if you flip one of the magnets, they will both stick together!

That's the spiritual reality of what is going on inside the human host body system. There is a good you and a bad you (opposing energies), there is a DOUBLE YOU. There is a good U and there is a bad U there is a "DOUBLE YOU" .

VxV is the twin system of good and evil - you must be spiritually rebirthed out of this system to be reconciled to the Lord Jesus Christ and go to heaven when your time expires here on Earth.

When you are spiritually rebirthed by the Holy Spirit, the Lord Jesus Christ flips your energy right-side-up and there is no longer two opposing energies within you, but, the two become one new man so making peace


C = 3 = Abaddon and a strain of wheat that is upside down! There is a parable in the Bible that speaks of the wheat vs the weeds and the Culinary Institute of America logo is yet another manifestation of such spiritual truth. 


"And the disciples came, and said unto him, Why speakest thou unto them in parables? 

He answered and said unto them, Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given." - Matthew 13: 10-11 (KJV Holy Bible)

In the following verses of Matthew 13 Jesus explains:

The word understand G4920 is much different than the word see G991 to look at, perceive, regard, take heed.

The word understand G4920 means to put together, that is (mentally) to comprehend and it is from G4862 denoting union; with or together.

The only way to understand the scriptures is by having union with Christ.

You can't just understand the Bible - it's encrypted by a Spirit - the Holy Spirit wrote the Bible through men. You must have been born of the Holy Spirit to be able to understand what's up.

Continuing with verse 14,

The word perceive G1492 is equivalent to the Greek word optanomai G3700 to gaze (that is, with wide open eyes, as at something remarkable; and thus differing from G991, which denotes simply voluntary observation.

Whereas, closed G2576 means to shut down, close the eyes; From G2596 kata meaning (preposition) down (in place or time)!


If you are in a system where truth has been concealed by being turned down from you, then you simply have to turn it up to uncover the truth. In fact, that is exactly how you can understand the Bible and have spiritual discernment. (Read more: The Entire World Can Be Spiritually Discerned By Vigorously Judging ‘Down to Up’ – The Bible is Now Resolved!)

Even the word converted G1994 means to revert, (re-) turn (about) From G1909 and G4762 meaning turn quite around or reverse, turn (back again, self about)

That's how Jesus heals you! Heal G2390 to cure, make whole!


All these "things?" G5023 him, they, these... plural of G3778 he (she or it), this (man, woman).

Jesus was talking about people, we are the temple!

"...I say unto you, There shall not be left here one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down G2647 disintegrate, destroy."


What is the abomination of desolation? It is the serpent inside of you - eating and disintegrating you from the inside out. (See: Serpent Seed Doctrine – Biblical: (True) or False?)

Let's look at this scripture.

Eating G5176 through the idea of corrosion or wear; or perhaps rather of a base of G5167 and G5149 through the idea of a craunching sound; to gnaw or chew.

Who were eating? They were eating. They were eating us through the idea of corrosion or wear!

Looking closer at verse 39,

Shall also G2532 having a copulative and sometimes also a cumulative force.

What does copulative mean? 

copulative - relating to sexual intercourse.

The force that is working against us is a copulative force - like locust, they bred very rapidly and their eyes and ears are everywhere throughout the host body system!

Son of man G444 the countenance; from 3700 eyes wide open!

Remember, the Greek word optanomai G3700 to gaze (that is, with wide open eyes, as at something remarkable; and thus differing from G991, which denotes simply voluntary observation.


The fallen world we currently reside in, as well as how to be converted out of it, all makes perfect sense now because of the truth that has been uncovered using the Bible.

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