The Time Machine Explains Satan's Control of Humans + Kanye West and OFWGKTA

FEATURED VIDEO: RE-UPLOAD--World Wide Block !! I Have Seen the ENEMY, and it WAS ME and U !! GOD Have Mercy

Description: AS the END Approaches ,,,ALL Things are Revealed ..The Scriptures are Alive and Speaking in these LAST DAYS... The Revelation of the Word has Never Been Greater than THIS TIME We ARE IN ...AMEN


The Bible tells us Satan is 'the god of this world' who is blinding the minds of people.

"But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost: 

In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them. - 2 Corinthians 4: 3-4 (KJV Holy Bible)

The LORD God, who came in the flesh as the Lord Jesus Christ, opens the eyes of the blind! Jesus has opened Jonathan Kleck's eyes wide open enabling him to see the truth of this fallen world we fell to. Jonathan can see right through the veil to the absolute truth of the world we live in.

Most people will never grasp the understanding of what is truly taking place in the spirit realm - but here it is.


This scene from The Time Machine (2002) happens to display a very insightful depiction of an evil character controlling thoughts and minds from the underworld. This scene is a perfect tool to help us conceptualize the reality of the Bible explaining how Satan is operating human host bodies on the earth from the bottomless pit.

The evil character (a representation of Satan) starts the conversation: "So we bred ourselves into castes. Some to be our eyes and ears, some to be our muscles and sinews..."

That is what Satan did - he bred his spirit into castes (human host bodies)! He created the host body system by impregnating Eve with his seed (Cain), causing the fall of mankind as everyone is injected into this system over time, falling from a spiritual state to a carnal state.

That gave Satan a "Bluetooth-like connection" from the bottomless pit to the flesh human host body wherein he controls the thoughts of people and uses them as his eyes and ears - as a watch (sentry or scout)!

The root of the word scorpion in the Bible is from G4649 meaning: to peer about “skeptic”; through the idea of concealment; watch (sentry or scout).

Satan is the king of these locust-scorpions in the bottomless pit and he spiritually controls his race that is concealed within the host body system and uses them as a watch (sentry or scout) to hunt for the souls of men!

"Do you mean you're hunters?" - asks Alexander.

"Yes. Bred to be predators, but bred also to be controlled. You see, my caste concentrated on expanding our cerebral abilities" replies the evil character.

Alexander replies, "You control their thoughts." 

(Satan, Abaddon, Apollyon) is the prince of the power of the air who is controlling 'the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience' (Ephesians 2: 2).

If you have not received the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ, you are being operated by the prince of the power of the air 'the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience' which is run by Satan.

Satan is controlling the thoughts of human beings on the earth, operating them from the bottomless pit and seeing and hearing through their host body like a watch (sentry or scout).

The evil character replies, "Not just theirs."

Alexander replies, "The Eloi... So it's not enough that you hunt them down like animals?" 

"That's their role here." - says the evil character.

"To be your food?" asks Alexander.

The evil character replies: "Yes; and for those who are suitable to be breeding vessels for our other colonies. You see, I am just one of many." (Think of the phrase 'E Pluribus Unum' - the traditional motto of the United States meaning 'Out of Many, One').

Since the beginning of time, Satan has been breeding an underground race of locust-scorpions to build an army against the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Then the evil character walks over to a pond of what looks to be sparks of light beings, semen, and says: "Without that control, they would exhaust the food supply in a matter of months." 

See how the character's reflection is upside down? What's swimming here? See the sparks of light glowing like sperm cells?

That is semen, "human beings"! 

That's exactly what happened to us: we fell into an inverted host body system where everything is upside down.

Alexander responds, "Food supply?! They're human beings!"

Satan hunts angels that fall as a spark of light into the sperm cell and are exiled into the human host body system where he hunts them by way of sin to separate them from God and consume their soul when it gets damned to hell as the food supply for his new race of locust-scorpions.


Bud Light's Super Bowl commercial exposes how Satan operates (just as he did through the gods of Ancient Egypt) to spiritually govern the world to usher his sacrifice of the human race and give way to the New World Order (NWO) birth of Satan's new race of beings! 


Question: Is this a commercial selling Versace perfume? Or this commercial showing a race coming from underground, impregnating a girl and making her into her own trap (prison)?


How about this Smirnoff commercial? What do you think?

Are they selling you vodka or is this commercial about the fall in the Garden of Eden? And once you fall you are part of their control...


What about this absolutely bizarre "car" commercial by Scion

“In a world that is bland, colorless and cold; where venality grows like a fungus or a mold – there live the boring sheeple that look just like each other. A darker force slides into town unleashing demon brothers! Here come the little deviants, they come from underground. They’re rising from the depths to take those sheeple down! The sheeple are compliant and make for fine ingredients. For customizing anything – here come the little deviants!“ (from Scion xD ‘Fable of the Deviants’ Commercial)


What about this mock secret society Super Bowl commercial by Avocados from Mexico?

This commercial is a mockery of secret societies - but in reality - the joke is on them. Satan doesn't share his kingdom with anyone - if you think you're special being in the occult - you're really just Satan's food!


Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, OFWGKTA, is an American hip-hop group formed in Los Angeles, California in 2007.

They have their own clothing line OFWGKTA. By looking at this hoodie, who do you think OFWGKTA is talking about killing?

Well, judging by the upside-down cross Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All is referring to killing all of the Christians.

But they don't want you to find that out - that's why they released this jacket here. 

If you look at the letters with the matching colors and look up the alphanumeric value in the Bible, here's what you get.

(You take the red O and match it with the red t)  Ot = 1520 = one, a primary number.

(You take the pink d and match it with the pink u)  du = 421 = that cannot be traced out.

(You take the yellow d  and match it with the yellow r )   dr = 418 = impossible.

(You take the green F and match it with the green e) Fe = 65 = of the wild olive.

(And take the blue uu = 21 = the great wickedness of sin and rebellion

They are a branch of the wild olive (Romans 11) that did not get graffed into the fold of Christ and they are the great wickedness of sin and rebellion who are saying that it is impossible for you to find them out and find your way back to one (Alpha, our Heavenly Father) because they have concealed the truth from us and it cannot be traced out.

It cannot be traced out, unable to fully comprehend. It's past finding out - but - the Lord Jesus Christ has allowed Jonathan to find out, he can read their language!!!


(Right at the 4:42 mark of the video).

442 means human!

i.e. confined to human effort (experience)

WOW! They even use the timestamp of this scene to communicate!

It makes perfect sense as the woman was used as the medium to transmute the energy of an angel into a human which is now being spiritually transmuted into the new locust-scorpion race!

Isn't that fascinating, the "human being" was merely a vehicle to get angels to sin (by having host embodiments so they can be co-creators and have sex and create babies and be their own rulers, etc.) and rebel against the Most High. Yet, the LORD God said not to make any graven image of any likeness H8544 phantom, or (specifically) embodiment in the Ten Commandments.

The human host body is the phantom or (specifically) embodiment that was commanded we should not make!

Back to Lady Gaga. Why are people so gaga over Lady Gaga anyway?

GAGA = 7171 = perhaps nipping. horsefly.. nipping or stinging.. biting insect.. destruction from extirpation (as if by constriction).

Extirpation means to destroy completely: WIPE OUT.

The angel of the bottomless pit (Satan, Abaddon, Apollyon) wants to extirpate the sheep race throughout the host body system - to destroy completely and wipe out the Christians!

Once the locust is removed from her vagina, the Lady Gaga character exclaims "Oh my Godddd!" - because that's who their God is: Abaddon, the king of the army of locust with tails like scorpions!


Now we know why Kanye West with his wife Kim Kardashian and family, all dressed up as insects!!!

(Satan, Abaddon, Apollyon) is the king of the army in the bottomless pit of locusts with tails like scorpions and he is controlling these above-ground human host bodies!

THAT'S THE TRUTH - right in front of us!

Remember the word for GAGA 7171 again, "perhaps nipping or stinging, biting insect"!


The alphanumeric equivalent word for GAGA is destruction H7171 and is used only one time in the Bible, here in Jeremiah 46:

The word destruction H7171 means extirpation (as if by constriction) From H7169 to pinch, (partially) to bite the lips, to squeeze off (a piece of clay to mould a vessel from it), wink.

Watch this short video HORNBACH - Artenvielfalt beginnt in Deinem Garten and see how the woman bites her lips! She also is climaxing in the mud/clay as all of the insects are reproducing around her in the Garden.

This video portrays exactly what the scripture explains in Jeremiah 46 destruction H7171 extirpation (as if by constriction) H7169 to pinch, (partially) to bite the lips, to squeeze off (a piece of clay to mould a vessel from it), wink! 

That's how they are creating the new locust-scorpion race!!!

GAGA = H7171 from H7169 wink:

"Let not them that are mine enemies wrongfully rejoice over me: neither let them wink with the eye that hate me without a cause." - Psalm 35: 19 (KJV Holy Bible)

These are the enemies of the Lord Jesus Christ! They are run by Satan!

Wake up people - the Bible has been resolved! There is a locust-scorpion race breeding in the bottomless pit and unless you get spiritually reborn by the Holy Spirit you will not go to heaven but will go down to the bottomless pit to be transmuted into one of them!

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