The Spiritual Truth About Mickey Mouse, the Magic Kingdom & Avicii! Wake Me Up out of This Illusion

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Description: The Truth is as plain as the Nose on your own face,,, Still it can be hard to see


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XPERIA - 10:35









Ever wonder what the true meaning behind Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse is?

Mickey means to tease or ridicule someone.

WOW! That's exactly what happens when you are born into this double-minded host body system.

The serpent's race (run by Satan) is mocking the sheep race (Christians) while it spiritually kills them!

That's why the reflection of this Mickey Mouse coffee mug spells Wicked - because we're in a right-side-up / upside down kingdom divided between good and evil.

We are in a "double you" system where our reflection is killing us.

The human host body is the temple that hosts the spiritual battleground between good and evil. 

Just have a look at the map of Kidani Village at Disney's Animal Kingdom Villas - it makes a "Double U"!

The rooftop of the Magic Kingdom is all blue and the front entrance is a triangle with a window that makes the all-seeing eye.

What is the spiritual significance of the Mickey Mouse symbology: two circles intersecting one circle?

The Mickey Mouse logo represents the dimension that was created from the fall of the Garden of Eden with the two bloodlines of the heteropaternal superfecundation twins: Cain & Abel.

The seed of the serpent that impregnated Eve gave birth to Cain - evil.

The seed of Adam that impregnated Eve gave birth to Abel - good

These two seeds created a twin system here on earth where there is an evil U and there is a good U, dark and light, right-side-up and upside down - in one host body.

We are all stars (princes) of God, that got cast down out of heaven and birthed into upside down flesh host bodies.

That's why they call it the "Magic Kingdom" - it's the earth and the illusion flesh host body fantasy land we all got birthed into.

That's the truth about the Bible, the first account of creation was God H430 (elohiym, angels of the Supreme God) that said: "Let us make man in our image H6754 to shade; a phantom, that is, (figuratively) illusion, a representative figure, especially an idol"!

These angels made a phantom, illusion, idol (aka. your host body)! This illusion was not the LORD God's formation!

The LORD God's formation of man, with a living soul, was in Genesis 2! (Read more: The LORD God vs. God, Two Creations of Man - Genesis Mystery Finally Solved!)

There is a private Walt Disney club that has secret entrances to it called: Club 33.

Think of the number 3 in the Bible, meaning Abaddon. It's 3 and 3, light and dark - it's the twin system that the diving serpent (Satan) rules over. That's what the symbology means.



Avicii's music video Wake Me Up starts out with a mom and daughter in bed and they both have the same symbol on their arm: a right-side-up and upside down triangle.

They are a young and attractive duo, yet, they walk into town and everybody is giving them dirty looks - like they don't belong here.

All the people in the town are looking pretty run down except for this duo.

The mother is wearing a jacket with a patch depicting the single-headed phoenix.

That is symbolic of the new race that is emerging out of the double-headed phoenix, as the new race burns the old race.

The little girl says "The others - they don't like us..

The mother replies "Yeah, I know" and the little girl asks, "Why?"

Then they wake up to a new day and the mother rides on a horse into town and happens to meet another girl with the same mark on her: a right-side-up and upside down triangle.

They all gather together and end up at this Avicii concert, where everyone has this mark of the right-side-up and upside down triangle.

The mother checks her phone during the concert and the time and date are 11:23 PM - Sunday, May 19th.


11:23 means Abaddon, my father has gathered.


WOW! That's what's going on in the music video: Abaddon, their father (who controls the right-side-up upside down system) is gathering them together to the Avicii concert! 

He's announcing it's time for the new race.

The date on the phone was Sunday, May 19th which numerically is 5/19. 

519 in the Bible means to strangle, hang oneself.

519 is a representation of the entire town.

All the people in the town looked worn out, tired, some would say asphyxiated.

And the young girl and her mother looked clean, energized, and ran off with all the youthful beautiful people to the Avicii concert.

Spiritually speaking, the older generation (the sheep "Christian race") is being strangled and dying off whilst the new race is exuberantly taking over.

Then in the music video, the mother rides her horse back home and tells her daughter "Get up, pack your things!"

The daughter replies, "Where are we going?"

The mother answers, "Somewhere we belong."

They both go into the city, back to the concert, where on stage they now ignite the right-side-up and upside down triangle on fire!

 That's what is happening to the right-side-up upside down system, it's self-cannibalizing, one spirit burns up the other: spirit cooking!


XPERIA - 10:35

Back during the concert, when the mother flips her phone over, XPERIA is on her eye in the reflection of the phone.

Why is 10:35 on so many of these Xperia phones?

(Note, there are many different models of XPERIA in the search results.. but yet the same 10:35 time is displayed...)

1035 means eating, food. rust. "where moth and rust destroy" (Matthew 6:19).

WOW! That was on her EYE! Get it!?

One race is being eaten up, corroding like rust, within the human temple!



Tim Bergling, better known as Avicii, was a Swedish DJ who allegedly committed suicide in a hotel room in 2018.

He had a lot going for him. He was a good looking guy, well-liked, had lots of money - it doesn't add up. It sounds similar to Prince.

The AV makes right-side-up upside down V's and VICI means 'I conquered'.

Like the banner of Marlboro cigarettes 'veni vidi vici' meaning 'I came, I saw, I conquered'.

AVICII Tim Bergling 1989 - Forever.

In the Bible, 19 = slaughter and 89 = incessantly! WOW - That's very telling!



This ZYZZ image depicting an angel looking up at text that reads "we are the ZYZZ generation" came up in the search results for the Marlboro cigarettes 'veni vidi vici' label. 

ZY = 2625 meaning (a kind of) locust.

ZZ = 2626 meaning strong and mighty and to inundate, overwhelm.

WOW! That's what's the locust race is doing to God's angels!

This amazingly aligns with the spiritual meaning behind the Led Zeppelin swan song angel. (See: Led Zeppelin Mocking Angels That Fell from Heaven – Now the Whole World Makes Sense!)



Notice how COVID-19 is red and the COVID-19 patient is red.

Now notice how they make the recovered patient blue! No more red - just everyone is blue!

WOW! That's the same symbology that Jonathan has uncovered between the spiritual battle that is ongoing between the bloodlines: Adam Of Hebrew origin [H121]; Adam, the first man; typically (of Jesus) man (as his representative) red blood formed in Genesis 2 and the scorpion blue blood phantom illusion host body race created in Genesis 1.



See how in this symbology used by Global Citizen, the zero is red?

They are saying zero red blood. No more Adam Of Hebrew origin [H121]; Adam, the first man; typically (of Jesus) man (as his representative).

In fact, 12 people are surrounding the zero12 = destructionWOW!

Lots of Hollywood celebs led by Lady Gaga are doing a fundraiser for COVID-19 through Global Citizen, which was started in 2012. 

Just look at the right side up upside down hands making a pentagram - with The Rolling Stones tongue sticking out!

Isaiah 57:4 says,

"be my eyes" - who came up with that?

That's the angel of the bottomless pit taking over the human host body system fully.

He wants both eyes within the human host body system to be connected to him, DOWN in the pit.



In the Bible stars are princes (angels) and this star represents everyone's right-side-up upside down spiritual condition.

One eye is being controlled by the blue triangle and is the all-seeing eye attached to the bottomless pit run by Satan (Apollyon).

The other eye is being controlled by the red triangle and is ruled from heaven by the Lord Jesus Christ.

[FULLY RED HEXAGON] = CONVERTED: If you get converted by the Holy Spirit, both of your eyes become single (run from UP above from heaven), the connection to the upside down blue triangle goes away, and you are disconnected from the hive.

(See the fully red crossed out hexagram)

[FULLY BLUE HEXAGON] = UNCONVERTED: If you do not get converted, both your eyes become single (run from DOWN beneath, from the bottomless pit). The upside down energy will complete the process of self-cannibalizing your soul. When your time expires in your host body, the sentence will be carried out against you for your sin and your soul will be transmuted into Satan's new race of locust-scorpion in the bottomless pit hive cell.

(See the fully blue hexagon that remains in the hive cell).



What does Gaga mean in the Bible? Well, GAGA = 7171, which means perhaps nipping. horsefly.. nipping or stinging.. biting insect.. destruction from extirpation (as if by constriction).

As used in Jeremiah 46:20, a gadfly!

See this girl's head tattoo? That's an actual gadfly tattooed on the back of her head!

Why on earth would anyone get a giant gadfly tattooed on your head? ...Because it's the truth of what is hunting God's angels through the human host body system.

Let's close with this cartoon that came up in the 'gadfly' image search results.

That just about perfectly sums up Satan's Global Citizen (New World Order) agenda that is being pushed through Lady "Gadfly".



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