Coronavirus Ushering In Mark of Beast Cashless Society + Blocked Worldwide Video Testimony

FEATURED VIDEO: Trying to Contain the Excitement Over the IMPOSSIBLE TESTIMONY Since the BELL RINGING..

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Description: This video is about ALL the SUPER_NATURAL (( FACTS )) Surrounding the Bell Ringing and the Subsequent IMPOSSIBILITIES that have Constantly Occurred ..The Continued recurrence of IMPOSSIBLE Scenarios Reinforces the HOPE of the Coming of the King to gather His PURCHASED POSSESSION....The New Jerusalem.... Come Lord Jesus !!! Come Quickly!!!



The media is showing that people in China are getting back to work and businesses are open. We know that through systems like ID2020 they are putting microchips into vaccines, and many countries now are making the Covid-19 vaccine mandatory

Check out these 2 scenes from the news about China re-opening.... NOTICE that the cashier scans either their right hands or their foreheads to check them out.

(See China News video clip in the featured video above).

Coronavirus has scared many people away from using physical currency to pay for goods and now microchips are being scanned at checkout to pay!

See how the coronavirus is ushering in a cashless society?



Here is what a palisade looks like:

Here is what the tip of a hypodermic needle looks like:

A hypodermic needle and a palisade are identical in nature.

In the Bible, when we study the root of the word 'mark of the beast', we learn that the mark G5480 is from the same as G5482 to sharpen to a point; a stake, a palisade.

Here is what a stake looks like:

A palisade and a stake are identical to a hypodermic needle and an RFID microchip!

This is the mark of the beast.



Jonathan just published a 2:23:02 video titled 'I Have Seen the ENEMY, and it WAS ME and U !! GOD Have Mercy' and it was blocked worldwide!

(Jonathan's videos have been targeted before, but this was very strange because he has used this clip numerous times in many previous videos without any issue).

When the video was blocked worldwide, it had 352 views.

Jonathan said aloud "LORD I already know what 352 means.." (because he had looked it up and presented it many times in past videos).

The name of God H410 is El, the Almighty, and is shortened from H352.

That's how the LORD God, the Almighty, told Jonathan He had a hand at stopping the video, to communicate even more of a message to Jonathan. 

The LORD then told him to look up 352 in the Strongs, and that's where he saw the second definition in Greek

G352 = to roll away or back

Then the LORD told Jonathan to 'look up an image of the tomb and the stone covering the tomb being rolled back'.

WOW! When the stone is rolled back it makes a total reversal! Like 6 to 9, dark to light! (See more reversals: The Revelation Speaks of the End - It Will Surely Come - Now It Is All Visible!)

Even the stone covering Jesus's tomb bears witness to the truth about this right-side-up upside-down system that Jesus set us free from! 

Next, YouTube clipped the Copyrighted claim part out of the video that was blocked worldwide and reposted the video.

Now the video has a new length of 2:22:33.

222 = "flame of God"

33 = come now!

WOW! Jonathan just happens to be "the guy" warning everyone about the flame of God that is to come now! - This is it Be 4 the fire is the name of his ministry!



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