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Description: The Plans are in Plain Sight and Mr. Gates Has Proven his Ownership. Got to see it to believe it... The Mark is Coming Now


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In a Reddit Q&A, billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates revealed his plan to use 'digital certificates' to identify those who have been tested for COVID-19.







In a Reddit Q&A, billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates revealed his plan to use 'digital certificates' to identify those who have been tested for COVID-19.

"Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates will launch human-implantable capsules that have ‘digital certificates’ which can show who has been tested for the coronavirus and who has been vaccinated against it.

The 64 year old tech mogul and currently the second richest person in the world, revealed this yesterday during a Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’ session while answering questions on the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic.

Gates was responding to a question on how businesses will be able to operate while maintaining social distancing, and said that, “Eventually we will have some digital certificates to show who has recovered or been tested recently or when we have a vaccine who has received it.”

The ‘digital certificates’ Gates was referring to are human-implantable ‘QUANTUM-DOT TATTOOS’ that researchers at MIT and Rice University are working on as a way to hold vaccination records. It was last year in December when scientists from the two universities revealed that they were working on these quantum-dot tattoos after Bill Gates approached them about solving the problem of identifying those who have not been vaccinated.

The quantum-dot tattoos involve applying dissolvable sugar-based microneedles that contain a vaccine and fluorescent copper-based ‘quantum dots’ embedded inside biocompatible, micron-scale capsules. After the microneedles dissolve under the skin, they leave the encapsulated quantum dots whose patterns can be read to identify the vaccine that was administered.

The quantum-dot tattoos will likely be supplemented with Bill Gates’ other undertaking called ID2020, which is an ambitious project by Microsoft to solve the problem of over 1 billion people who live without an officially recognized identity. ID2020 is solving this through digital identity. Currently, the most feasible way of implementing digital identity is either through smartphones or RFID microchip implants. The latter will be Gates’s likely approach not only because of feasibility and sustainability, but also because for over 6 years, the Gates Foundation has been funding another project that incorporates human-implantable microchip implants." - (Source: Bill Gates will use microchip implants to fight coronavirus)



Bill Gates displayed on his sign this mathematical symbol that is used to compute the absolute value of a real number: |x|.


Why did Bill Gates use this symbol surrounding the letter 'u' on his hand-drawn sign? |u|

Before continuing, let's understand what absolute value actually means:

Simply put, the absolute value of a real number is its actual distance from zero.

Bill Gates used the absolute value symbol surrounding the letter 'u' on his hand-drawn sign: |u|.

The fall from the knowledge of the tree of good and evil resulted in a system where there is a good "u" and there is an evil "u" in one host body.

Jesus's purpose was to reconcile both the evil "u" and the good "u" on the cross, making peace from the two opposing energies by making you, one new man. (See: Why Was Jesus Crucified Between 2 Thieves? Domino's Pizza Bible Lesson 2 in 1)

 Bill Gates just announced the contrary, |u|, meaning only the absolute value of 'u'.

At the same time, he leaked his plans to "launch human-implantable capsules that have ‘digital certificates’ which can show who has been tested for the coronavirus and who has been vaccinated against it." 

According to the Bible prophecy of Revelation 13: 16-18 the human-implantable microchip is the mark of the beast.

So no more good "u" and evil "u" in the host body system, just the evil "u" by selling your soul to Satan when you accept the mark of the beast "human-implantable capsules" that are to be embedded in the vaccines proposed by Bill Gates.

Satan just announced through Bill Gates that he absolutely does not want any more of the good "u" (the Christians, the sheep that follow Jesus). He wants everyone to sell their soul to him and COVID-19 is the big push to roll out the microchip mark of the beast covertly in the name of 'saving the world' through the COVID-19 vaccine by the New World Order.



They are washing the good "u" out of the system and are using COVID-19 as the rollout for the mark of the beast. Remember, the official name of the coronavirus is COVID-19 meaning:

C = 3 = AbaddonOVID = Sheep. 19 = slaughter.

(See: COVID-19 Official Name of Coronavirus Means: Angel of the Bottomless Pit - Sheep - Slaughter (Video))

You either accept the microchip mark of the beast and become absolutely one of them (a slave of Satan/Abaddon's New World Order) or prepare to be slaughtered like a sheep.



The fall from the knowledge of the tree of good and evil in the Garden of Eden resulted in a system where there is a good "u" and there is an evil "u" in one host body and this twin system originated with the birth of the heteropaternal superfecundation twins Cain & Abel.

Cain was the child of Satan and Abel was the child of Adam. Remember, Cain killed Abel: Cain Abel, Cainabel, Cannibal! 

The system is cannibalistic in nature as the evil "u" tries to consume the good "u".

This good "u" and evil "u" system is also portrayed also with the Roman numerals V x V, meaning 5 x 5, and appears as the letter  "DOUBLE YOU".

In Matthew 12:25 Jesus said, "Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation(KJV Holy Bible) and we are that kingdom divided being comprised of good and evil.

The human condition is a kingdom divided of good and evil, being caught in this twin system of opposing energies.

Red blood has been oxygenated. Blood is darker when it has been deoxygenated, which explains the appearance of blue blood

Red blood represents Abel the child of Adam, living spiritual breath. Blue blood represents Cain the child of Satan, killing spiritual breath. 

The V x V twin system is cannibalistic, one sucks the life out of the other like a vampire. 

"But now in Christ Jesus ye who sometimes were far off are made nigh by the blood of Christ.

For he is our peace, who hath made both one, and hath broken down the middle wall of partition between us;

Having abolished in his flesh the enmity, even the law of commandments contained in ordinances; for to make in himself of twain one new man, so making peace;

And that he might reconcile both unto God in one body by the cross, having slain the enmity thereby:

And came and preached peace to you which were afar off, and to them that were nigh." - Ephesians 2: 13-17 (KJV Holy Bible)

Double YOU - the only way to fix the "double you" condition is to accept the atonement of the LORD God who took on flesh as the Lord Jesus Christ and died on your behalf, making from the two, one new man so making peace.

Bill Gates even covered half of the W with his fingers, showing only one V:

The enemy just used one of his most influential figures in this world, Bill Gates, to announce it's time for absolutely only eVil to be in full control of the host bodies on this earth. It's time to wipe everything out that's good, leaving only the absolutely evil "u".



Here is one example of the "double you" system that manifested in Taylor Swift's stage for her music video 'What You Made Me Do'.

There is so much startling evidence of the double "u" system from the world we live in, it would result in an endless article. Please see the plethora of data in previous articles and videos to learn more: The 'Twin System' of the New World Order - Never Before Disclosed (Videos). 


Here is something that is just way too coincidental.

The Wuhan RLSW laboratory, where the COVID-19 bioweapon allegedly came from, has the same exact logo as the video game series Resident Evil.

The plot throughout the Resident Evil game franchise is that a bioweapon has been released that turns many into zombies and threatens to exterminate all of humanity...

Welcome to the roll-out of Satan's New World Order. Don't accept the mark of the beast and sell your soul to hell. Turn with all your heart to the infinite love of Christ and be reconciled to the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.

"These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world." - John 16:33 (KJV Holy Bible)



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