Yahweh Has Given a Messenger to Ring the Bell to Gather the Church - Fulfilled - End of the World Coming Soon

FEATURED VIDEO: Yahweh Has Given a Messenger to Ring the Bell to Gather the Church... John 3:16 - Let's Celebrate !!

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Description: I can't Tell You All how grateful I am to see today!! God is Faithful !! He has helped me Endure that which was Not Endurable and to persevere when I had NOTHING Left to Persevere with... THANK You ALL so MUCH for the Encouragement and the Support.. I can assure you that without what Y'ALL have done to help there would be No Ministry here.. Thank-you for helping me Bear up under the Pressure and not give up...I LOVE You All..I hope to SEE you very very soon .. God Bless you and Keep you ...Good Night



Jonathan means "God (Yahweh) has given".

Kleck is the German variant of Klöck (see Glock).

Glock means a sexton (who among other duties was responsible for ringing the church bell) or a town crier (who used a handbell to draw attention.

Jonathan Kleck is 'God (Yahweh) has given a messenger responsible for ringing the church bell to gather the church'.


The Kleck Coat of Arms portrays a trumpet (or shofar) and a crown.

As of 3/16/2020, there are now three crowns outside the church: the stainless steel crown on the church, the crown on the Royal Enfield motorcycle, and the crown on the silhouette artwork of Christ.

(To view even more supernatural details about the artwork inside the church please see: The Church Is Completed and the Bell Installed! - Miracle After Miracle)

The LORD instructed Jonathan to wear all red and to ring the church bell on his birthday, 3/16/2020. (John 3:16).

The root of the name Adam is H119 in the Bible and means to show blood (in the face), red (ruddy).

The LORD also told Jonathan, "The ringing of this bell goes back all the way to the Garden of Eden" - and the LORD sure did prove it! (See: From Adam to Locusts - The End of the World - The Impossible Truth Is Here).

FEATURED VIDEO: The Bell is Rung... I believe the Time is Fulfilled ..End of the World Coming Soon ....

Backup Video Links: kleckfiles.com | koofr.net | Youtube | Youtube | Odysee 

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Description: The Bell has been rung the Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand the Enemy is Taking Stage Front and Center... The Evidence All Speaks for Itself... I'm Am Exhausted and going to take a short but much needed rest...God Bless Everybody


"I know the end is here. I know I have fulfilled my purpose by ringing the bell." - Jonathan Kleck



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