Wuhan-400 The Eyes of Darkness 1981 Novel = Food - Slaughter - Brotherhood of the Christian Church


"In a bizarre coincidence, a 1981 fictional novel The Eyes of Darkness by Dean Koontz predicts a Coronavirus like outbreak and its origin. The book talks about how the virus called Wuhan-400, was developed in military labs around the Chinese city of Wuhan from where it got its name. The top secret information of the Biological weapons Program is later acquired by US intelligence from a Chinese defector. The American military is ultimately successful in creating a vaccine which the Chinese could not." - Wuhan-400 Coronavirus - 1981 Predicts Virus Origin

400 means food.

19 means slaughter.

81 means brotherhood, the brotherhood of the Christian church.


Wuhan-400 (food) Coronavirus - 1981 (slaughter, the brotherhood of the Christian church) Predicts Virus Origin

Satan's goal is to use the coronavirus to slaughter the brotherhood of the Christian church and harvest the souls that go to hell as food! 

Once again it all has been uncovered using the Bible as the spiritual light of truth!

Everything makes perfect sense when you understand how the divining serpent (Satan) operates through host bodies.  The Bible keeps resolving the spiritual origin of what is truly going on in the world today - watch the whole video presentation to learn more.

FEATURED VIDEO: 3 Videos in 1 - 1st Brandon's Dad Passing was MIRACULOUS - 2nd Corona Update- 3rd The Locust Mystery

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