The Blood Will Be the Sign - Locust Race Birthing - Invasion Imminent - End of the World Confirmed

FEATURED VIDEO: The Blood will be the Sign !!! Locust Race about to Hatch! Couldn't even think this up!! Praise God

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Description: watch this video and see the Obviousness on the INVASION The End is Arriving...The Signs are lit up.The Enemy's plans are in the Open ,,,the Demonic Spirit is taking hold .. The New Race is Birthing,,,,.the New World Order is HERE !!! We are on the runway waiting for the Exit!!! God was merciful to those that had the blood over the doorpost,, He will be Merciful to those who are covered by the blood.. Put your Trust in Jesus NOW


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> CHURCH UPDATE: No More Drama Testimony






CHURCH UPDATE: No More Drama Testimony

Jonathan has been targeted in cyber warfare and his computers cannot upload long video recordings from his phone, they can only upload ~1-minute video recordings. 

When he rang the bell on his birthday 3/16/2020, Corey filmed back-to-back 1-minute video segments of the bell ringing event.

The LORD told Jonathan to look at the timestamp of the 1-minute video when he rang the bell; it was at 2:26 pm.

226 means a sign.

It is used in Exodus 12:13,

"And the blood shall be to you for a token H226 upon the houses where ye are: and when I see the blood, I will pass over you, and the plague shall not be upon you to destroy you, when I smite the land of Egypt." - (KJV Holy Bible)

Blood is red and what is really fascinating is that the LORD had Jonathan wear all red during this bell-ringing event on 3/16!

226 also means truth.

The LORD has unveiled much truth through Jonathan and since being saved in 2002 he has spoken nothing but the truth into this world.

The LORD told Jonathan He wanted him to paint red over the doorpost of his newly finished church building (just like they did in Egypt during the Passover). 

Jonathan went to Home Depot and asked the LORD to simply pick out the color for him, so he walks straight over and grabs the paint swatch that looks the most like blood to him and it is called: No More Drama P140-7D.


What a bizarre name for paint!

Jonathan decided to google the word 'drama' just in case there was another meaning of the word - because it seemed so bizarre - and to the right of the search results screen was an image portraying the iconic tragedy and comedy masks

Jonathan recalled that before he went to get the paint, he went out to eat with Corey and Kat and was talking about how they are all so happy but everyone else is sad, and all of a sudden an employee of the restaurant walked directly across their table with a 'laugh now, cry later' t-shirt that had tragedy and comedy masks on it!

Later, the LORD told Jonathan to look up the number of the paint swatch - No More Drama P140-7D.

140 means my Lord has arisen

WOW! The paint like the blood on the doorpost for Passover is called No More Drama P140-7D and the number 140 means my Lord has arisen! AMAZING!

(Here is a photo of the No More Drama P140-7D painted doorposts of the church building).

In the Old Testament, the blood on the doorpost was the covering for the Angel of Death to Passover.

Here in the New Testament, the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ is the covering.

Just as Jonathan was on the phone discussing this to his friend Corey, he looked down at his email and saw:

Locust swarm "on Passover"

WOW! Remember, the locusts of Revelation 9 can sting only those who have not the seal of God in their forehead.

This affirms that the locusts will Passover those who are covered by the blood of the lamb, Jesus Christ!



Due to the coronavirus, there is a new greeting method that is replacing handshakes with touching each other's elbows in a V formation.

When both bent elbows touch, the arms resemble two Vs that also make an X.

 V x V represents the twin system! That's why they are doing this! 

The Lord Jesus Christ is coming quickly to execute vengeance upon the twin system that started in the Garden of Eden with the birth of the heteropaternal superfecundation twins: Cain & Abel

This manifestation is no different than this film poster: Patema Inverted by Yasuhiro Yoshiura (Time of Eve).

This film poster displays a right side up V and an upside-down V made by the male and female legs - a prime example of the twin system we live in.

Here is the V 4 VENGEANCE logo that the LORD had Jonathan create which signifies the vengeance the Lord Jesus Christ is going to execute on the (right side up, upside down) twin system. 



Many people have noticed the changes within the YouTube creator studio.

"Your new Creator Round Up is here."

Here is the spiritual significance of what is going on in this new Creator Studio by YouTube.

The arrow up and arrow down is no different than the 69, right-side-up / upside-down system we are trapped in.

There is a bell ringing next to an envelope has insects crawling out (locusts of Revelation 9 are coming) and a fish hook pulling up a letter with a big red X! (Wow! It's telegraphing the same thing Madonna did at Eurovision!)

Again, the new YouTube Creator Studio states "Your new Creator Round Up is here" because the world has a new creator, Satan, who is creating his locust-scorpion army and going to be given the power to completely rule the earth when the Great Tribulation kicks off to round all of the sheep up to slaughter them.



Jonathan went over to Kinkos (FedEx) to seal the $10 bill and the $100 bill in plastic to preserve the revelation of truth that they may know there was a prophet among them. (See: Why Is This Printed on Our Money? $10, $20, $50 and $100 Decrypted)

Then - out of nowhere - Jonathan had a craving for chicken livers. (What?!?) Yes, so Jonathan went with Corey and Kat to grab some chicken livers immediately.

He drives to Bush's Chicken and places his order outside, but he decides to run in to wash his hands.

When Jonathan reaches for a paper towel to dry his hands he sees this GIANT $100 bill sitting on top of the paper towel dispenser!

HOW WILD! He just got done sealing the $100 bill in plastic at Kinkos (FedEx)!

The GIANT $100 bill happens to have a gospel message on the back!

WOW! The Lord Jesus Christ is ringing the alarm! The time is at hand!



"I watched Avengers: Endgame in 0.25x Speed and Here's What I Found."

Tony Stark figures out his time-traveling model after he draws inspiration from a photo of him and Peter in which they're holding an inverted diploma. 

They are both holding up V's with their fingers, representing the V x V twin system. 

Peter Parker is upside down. (Just like how St. Peter was crucified upside down). (See: Mystery of ALL Mysteries: Why was St.Peter Crucified (Upside Down) and Christ (Right Side Up)? Solved: The Keys to The Kingdom of Heaven!)

Then Tony Stark has the idea to ask his holographic workstation, which he named "Friday", to draw a model of the time machine using the shape of a Mobius strip inverted.

 Do you know what a Mobius strip is?

Mobius strip - a surface with one continuous side formed by joining the ends of a rectangle after twisting one end through 180°.

The ouroboros is a Mobius strip! 

Again, "Friday" is the name of Tony Stark's holographic workstation. The origin of the name "Friday" points to Venus.

Venus is synonymous with Lucifer! (See: The Locust Mystery Has Been Solved: Lucifer, Venus, and The Female Rival)

WOW! Even the Avengers: Endgame showcases the endgame of Lucifer (Satan) and his new race of beings trying to come out of a dimension of time and space (aka. the bottomless pit)!


The same agenda is going on in the new TV series MOTHERLAND Fort Salem. Please be sure to watch the full video presentation at the start of this video to see it all.



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