Knowing That the Fire Is Coming - Everyone Else Is About to Die - the Brevity of Human Life


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Description: You will have to watch and listen to this video..The Lord God PROVED the END is Upon Us.. Total trust in Him. He is Our Only Hope


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Since the night Jonathan got saved in 2002, he knew there was a fire coming to destroy everything.

Just like Noah knew from God that water was coming to destroy everything, Jonathan knew there was a fire coming to destroy everything.

The LORD even told Jonathan to name his ministry 'this is it be4thefire'.

Over the years, the LORD has poured a ton of supernatural information out through Jonathan.

The LORD God unrolled the scroll through Jonathan and equipped him to present it to whoever may be seeking the truth - Jesus is the Truth. 

In this video, Jonathan gives a testimony that explains how the LORD recently showed him that the end is coming imminently.

He is going to show how the LORD communicated that message to him over and over and over again. 

We need to be ready for the second coming of Christ - right now - right this second - it's coming imminently.



While Jonathan was out getting a treat from a Mexican restaurant for his son, he was talking to his friend Corey on the phone saying how "their symbology is so obvious, they use this VV and the number 5 all the time, and the letter E is the number 5 (alphanumerically), and you see it so pervasively all the time it's so easy to knock off now."

At the exact moment that Jonathan was talking about this to Corey, Jonathan sees a sign that says BreVity Coffee Co. 

The V is like a spear tip between the E and the E of Coffee - spelling the name EVE!

Satan injected his seed (Cain) into Eve, initiating the birth of the VxV twin system with Cain and Abel (who were heteropaternal superfecundation twins).


The same night that Jonathan saw the BreVity Coffee Co. sign, he came back home and the movie Knowing (2009) came on his television.

He had seen the movie before, but the LORD told him 'watch it'.



The same director who did Knowing (2009) also directed I, Robot (2004). (If you haven't already, make sure to see I, Robot (New Decode) Will Blow Your Mind! Includes Huge Biblical Unveiling).

In the movie Knowing (2009), there is an encoded message which contains numbers that accurately predict future disasters as well as the precise number of casualties from such disasters.

In the movie, Nicolas Cage (Professor John Koestler) tries to understand the code to get people out of harm's way of the disasters before they occur.

"Fifty years after it was buried in a time capsule, a schoolgirl's cryptic document falls into the hands of Caleb Koestler, the son of Professor John Koestler (Nicolas Cage).

John figures out that the encoded message accurately lists every major disaster from the past five decades, and predicts three future calamities -- one a global cataclysm.

When his warnings fall on deaf ears, John enlists the help of the prophetic author's daughter and granddaughter to try to avert the ultimate disaster." - (Synopsis of Knowing (2009))

The LORD God has allowed Jonathan to understand the code that is present throughout the world we live in.

In the movie, there is a time capsule that has been in the ground for 5 decades. 

There is a piece of paper that was pulled out of the time capsule and it has an encoded message written on it that is predicting future calamities with the GPS location as well as the precise number of casualties. 

The last prediction on the paper ends with the encryption 33 written backwards.

Nicolas Cage (Professor John Koestler) is trying to find out why the encoded message ends with 33 written backwards so he contacts this girl whose mother had written the list.

He ends up at this cabin to meet the girl and she says she doesn't think it is a number... she thinks it's the letters: EE.

Nicolas Cage (Professor John Koestler) looks down and notices something that makes him flip the bed in the cabin upside down and the entire underside of the bed frame is carved "EVERYONE ELSE" over and over and over again.

EVERYONE ELSE is what the EE stood for in the encrypted message, meaning that in the last catastrophe "everyone else" is going to die.

EE were the letters that Jonathan was talking about to Corey on the phone while outside BreVity Coffee Co.!

That's how the LORD got his attention to deliver this communication with the movie Knowing (2009)!

The LORD is using this to communicate to his messenger Jonathan Kleck that the fire is coming, it is THE END OF THE WORLD and EVERYONE ELSE is going to die.


Next, Nicolas Cage (Professor John Koestler) is taking the paint off an old door and finds GPS coordinates, LAT: 42.75, LON: 71.37

Jonathan heard the LORD tell him to look up the numbers of the latitude and longitude in the Strongs Concordance of the Bible.

4275 means to foresee!

WOW! The LORD is using the movie to communicate to his messenger Jonathan to foresee and show us what's about to happen so we are prepared in Christ!

"Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets." - Amos 3:7 (KJV Holy Bible)

71 means to lead, bring, carry.

37 means to make holy, consecrate, sanctify.

When it all goes down those who have already been turned up and consecrated in Christ will be raptured and carried away, escaping the Great Tribulation.

The movie trailer for the Knowing (2009) states "THERE IS A PATTERN TO PREDICTING THE FUTURE" and very quickly the screen flashes and the message is written, "ERUTUF EHT GNITCIDERP OT NRETTAP A SI EREHT" - (that is backwards)!

WOW! The truth was concealed in this world by being turned upside down and backwards from us and the LORD unlocks the truth of it all by reversing it back the other way! (See the reversals in: The Revelation Speaks of the End - It Will Surely Come - Now It Is All Visible!)


The covering of the time capsule (that the encoded message was in) shows the years: 1959 - 2009.

1959 means to take care of.

2009 means punishment.

In the movie, Nicolas Cage is trying to take care of people by getting them out of harm's way before the destruction - same as Jonathan's mission with his ministry to take care of people by getting them to the safety of Christ be4thefire comes as punishment.

Now let's not forget to take note of the 8-pointed star comprised of dark and light rays that surrounds the time capsule 1959 - 2009.

An 8 pointed star is the star of Venus which is synonymous with Lucifer. (See: The Locust Mystery Has Been Solved: Lucifer, Venus, and The Female Rival).

The female rival is here and we are at the door of the Great Tribulation which starts the full reign of Satan on the earth.



The next day, Jonathan drove back to BreVity Coffee Co. to get a clearer photo of the sign.

Remember, the letters EE stuck out to Jonathan at BreVity Coffee Co. because of his synchronous conversation with Corey on the phone and that's how the LORD got his attention to deliver the communication in the movie Knowing (2009).

After Jonathan takes a clearer photo of the coffee shop, that day, he decides to call his friend Big Rob who's usually down at the office.

Jonathan asks Big Rob where he is and Big Rob is not at the usual office space but is at a place called EE ENGINE MACHINE.

Jonathan starts freaking out because of all of the data being unveiled using the EE from the BreVity Coffee Co. shop and the EE from the movie Knowing (2009) - so Jonathan asks Big Rob to send him a picture of this EE ENGINE MACHINE shop he is at as proof.

Then Jonathan was sitting at a traffic light on Broadway and a big truck pulls up next to him and in his spirit, he just knew to look over at it and the logo on the big truck is a mirrored reflection EE!

WOW! That's wild!

So Jonathan is freaking out even more, gets home, and calls Corey and starts explaining all of these mind-blowing events with EE and knowing the fire is coming.

As Jonathan is on the phone with Corey he walks out his front door and there is a truck parked directly across his house that has this image printed on it of a house that is on FIRE BURNING!


WOW! This is it be4thefire! It's all about to go live!



Then Jonathan was checking YouTube comments and was led to look at this clip from the movie Predator (1987) titled Anytime....! 

At this time he was asking Dave to put the exact definition of brevity into the show notes folder.

Brevity means:

1. shortness of time or duration. 

2. the quality of expressing much in few words; terseness.

WOW! Shortness of time or duration! The Lord is telling us to be ready - it's the end of the world at any moment, Anytime....!

In the clip from the movie Predator (1987) the predator creature rotates his hand upside down, opens all 5 fingers exposing his palm and a scorpion image appears in the predator's palm!

The locust-scorpions are coming at ANYTIME....! (See: Locusts From the Pit - The Birthing - You Better Heed the Warning)



Corey recently saw a movie titled Urban Justice (2007) and the code is put right in front of us, but only those who have eyes to see it will see it. 

In the movie, there is a big drug deal and the guy asks "What do ya got?" and the other guy opens up a case with these bricks of cocaine that are stamped with scorpions imprinted on them.

He then replies "I got 200 keys (kilos) and $3 million in cash."

Most people would not understand what just happened right in front of their faces, but when you know how they are cryptically communicating using code from the Bible as a playbook - things make a whole lot more sense! 

The number 200 means a locust.

3 means Abaddon

WOW! Abaddon's locust-scorpion race are the ones behind the drug trade that claims many lives, not only in the movies.



Watch the full video presentation at the start of this article to see the decoded Google Doodle from March 20th, exposing the 8 pointed stars of lucifer as well as Ignaz Semmelweis coronavirus handwashing that symbolizes how they are washing out the sheep race and giving way to the new man.



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