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Brandon's dad, Donald, passed away on February 22nd, 2020. 

"His dad's passing is one of the most miraculous things I've ever got to witness." - Jonathan Kleck

Donald had stage IV cancer. Recently, within the last month, Brandon had taken his dad in for chemotherapy. 

Brandon and his mother were taking care of this dad. After midnight one night, Donald woke up and started mumbling something to Brandon. Brandon didn't quite understand what he was saying at first but he then understood Donald was saying "I can't feel my legs. I can't move my arms." Brandon tried his best to help adjust his sleeping position as usual, but from that night Donald's condition was getting very severe.

Brandon and his mother had to take Donald to the ER. Donald became paralyzed from the neck down. Donald's condition rapidly declined upon starting chemotherapy. 

Brandon had work in Tennessee he was responsible to go back to and maintain. Brandon decided to quit his job to come home and help his dad and mom. 

Jonathan has been keeping tabs with Brandon from day to day over the phone about how everything has been going, offering prayers and support if Brandon wanted to stop by. 

For some reason, Jonathan started carrying this enormous grief - and Jonathan has never met Brandon's dad - he did meet Brandon's mom one time. Jonathan was praying for Brandon and his family. The number one thing Jonathan was praying was "I don't want Brandon's dad to die and not be saved." 

The LORD has performed miraculous works through Jonathan and he has laid hands on many people who have gotten well. But that's not what Jonathan was asking for. His prayer was "I don't want to see Brandon's dad go to his final moment and not receive the Gospel - and not get saved." 

Jonathan was carrying this burden, weeping and over-burdened with it. He was wondering why he felt so burdened over this - because he didn't want Brandon's dad to die without getting converted - and that's what it boiled down to.

So Jonathan called Brandon up and told him "Hey - the LORD put it on me that if your dad would like, I would love to come over and just share the Gospel with him and pray with him - pray over him."

Little did Jonathan know, before he called, Brandon was attending to his dad to help adjust him in his bed. His dad started to have a little feeling in his hands but he needed assistance and strength to adjust and pull himself up in the bed. So Brandon was helping adjust him and he asked his dad "Hey pop, you want Jona (he calls Jonathan 'Jona') to come by and pray for you? - try to get you right." Donald replied, "Yeah, that would be cool." And then his mom walked in with a new pillow to help. So Brandon helps adjust his dad's head on the pillow and says "Yea, I'm gonna call him."

Surprisingly, that's right when Brandon's phone rang and it was Jonathan on the line!

Jonathan was praying and lamenting before he made the call to Brandon and said: "LORD if you tell me to go and lay hands on him - I will go and lay hands on him - whatever you tell me to do - I'll do whatever you want me to do to help this man out - to help Brandon's dad - whatever you want me to do, I'll do it." So the LORD gave Jonathan the word 'Go - perform - do'.

So that's when the LORD had Jonathan call Brandon up and Brandon was on the other side of the line helping his dad with the new pillow and right then he just so happened to be talking to his dad about calling Jonathan!

However, that day on the phone turned out to not be a good day for Jonathan to come by so they scheduled for the next day. The next day came but Donald started getting way worse - he couldn't speak.

Brandon had started getting in the groove of waking up at 3 am, 5 am, 7 am, 9 am - to help adjust his dad in his bed - but now Donald wasn't even conscious of that. Now Donald was just sleeping in the same spot - not being hungry - not being thirsty - he became totally unresponsive. 

The doctor that came by said they think the cancer spread to his brain - that's how unresponsive he was. He wasn't talking, he wasn't opening his eyes, he wasn't squeezing anybody's hand - he was completely unresponsive and now had slipped to the point where there didn't look like there was any hope to be converted.

Now Jonathan was confused after hearing from Brandon how bad his dad had gotten - because remember, the LORD told Jonathan to go over there and 'Go - perform - do'.

Jonathan started asking the LORD "Wait a minute - you told me you were going to send me over there - How am I going to go over there and do anything if he's totally unconscious and not even responding to stimuli?" But Jonathan heard the LORD tell him "I want you to go over there - call them."

So Jonathan was crying and lamenting and called Brandon again - he wanted to come by that day - but again it wasn't a good day so they set it up for the next day.

Brandon's dad has now been unresponsive for about 2 days.

Jonathan's body started buzzing and he felt the presence of the Holy Spirit all over him so the LORD confirms to Jonathan to go over there and pray. 

Brandon's dad had done something in the past to help Jonathan out and he recalled this and in his spirit heard "what you do for the least of these of mine - you do it for me."

"And whosoever shall give to drink unto one of these little ones a cup of cold water only in the name of a disciple, verily I say unto you, he shall in no wise lose his reward." - Matthew 10:42 (KJV Holy Bible) 

Jonathan still wasn't sure what the LORD wanted to do - like, is he going to lay hands on him and he is going to sit up? He heard the LORD say "I want you to go over and whisper in his ear "whosoever that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live." - John 11:25 (KJV Holy Bible)

Jonathan didn't know what to expect - but - the LORD told him to make sure you are touching Him when you do visit him. Jonathan still wasn't sure if he was going to hold his hand and maybe get a squeeze of a response - or what -  but the LORD told him 'you will know'. 

The next morning Jonathan gets up early and drives over there to visit Brandon's dad - and there is a lot of Brandon's family there. 

A young lady, one of Brandon's relatives, answers the door and Jonathan asks for Brandon. She opens the door and Jonathan goes into the back room where Brandon's dad is.

Jonathan, Brandon, Brandon's mom, Brandon's aunt and Donald (Brandon's dad) are all in the back room together.

Jonathan begins to tell Brandon's mom that he had been praying and the LORD had sent him over there. Jonathan talks about the Bible a little bit. They begin to pray. Brandon's aunt starts feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit buzzing and everyone starts feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit all over!

Then Jonathan tells Brandon to move because the LORD told Jonathan he has to go and whisper into his dad's ear.

Jonathan goes over to the side of his dad - who is completely unresponsive - puts his hand on his head, rubs it a little, leans down and whispers in his ear "whosoever that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live."

All of a sudden Donald's EYES OPENED! 

Brandon's mom says "His eyes opened!"

(In fact, his eyes opened TWICE.)

When his eyes closed - Donald then looked as though he was totally at peace.

Brandon's aunt even said, "Oh my goodness, he looks like he is totally at peace now."

Jonathan thanked everyone for letting him come by and everyone gave each other hugs farewell and Jonathan made his way home thanking the LORD for letting Donald OPEN HIS EYES. 

So after two days of being completely unresponsive from the grueling chemotherapy of stage IV cancer, the LORD sent Jonathan over and he whispered "whosoever that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live" in Donald's ear while his hand was on his head and Donald OPENED HIS EYES two times!

When Jonathan got home he started a message to text to Brandon using the Siri audio to text feature. The message just so happened to type the word 'opening' TWICE!

"Yeah thank you for letting me come over. I'm so glad your dad opened his eyes, it's kind of like when Juan opened his eye and could see. When I was praying in the kitchen I was wondering how I would know that your dad heard me and I pictured either...

...ham squeezing my hand or his eyes opening opening"

"Hey isn't that weird that last message was opening twice. That just happened. So I left it." - Jonathan audio text message to Brandon

Jonathan then walks into the kitchen and this giant book is on the drain in the kitchen.

He opens it. The page reads:



1. opening..."

Jonathan immediately took a picture of it, sent it to Brandon and called him up saying "Dude - I'm freaking out! The text message said 'opening' twice and I just opened an 800,000-word book and it said opening - !" 

"I know your dad heard it, I know he's at peace, I know somehow he received it - and the LORD picked the time." AMEN.

This was to show us that: even at the last moment, there's still hope.

And as Jonathan is on the phone saying this he looks over and sees these boxes of SUCCESS rice on the counter!

This gave both Brandon and Jonathan overwhelming confidence in Brandon's dad Donald's salvation. 


Donald De'Sha Ashley

Ruler of the world - Graced by Yahweh - from the fields - ash tree meadow



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