God of Harvest Is Here - See It Unfolding - Obama Wasn't Joking - Is Britain Ready? Coronavirus Update

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Description: The confirmations are overwhelming , the Church building is DONE . I am Exhausted but still willing to ring the bell as Told...The Time is Unfolding Before Our Very EYES



Remember what Obama said at The White House Correspondents' Dinner 2016?

"The end of the Republic has never looked better."

"In fact, I think we got Republican Senator: Tim Scott, Cory Gardner - they are in the house.  Which reminds me, security bar the doors!  Judge Mayor Garland come on out!...

...We're going to do this right here!  Right now!...

...Just like the red wedding." - Barack Obama at White House Correspondents' Dinner 2016

Why did Obama reference the "red wedding" bloodbath scene from Game of Thrones at The White House Correspondents' Dinner?

We know exactly what is planned for America...



Jonathan's prophetic utterance from 2007-2008 in which the Holy Spirit spoke through Jonathan:

"Thus saith the Lord of Hosts: Behold the hand of the oppressor has been lifted against you, and out of the sea shall come fire and smoke and a devouring wind. Water as high as the walls of Jerusalem will cover the city by the sea, and great shall be the destruction of that city. 

Behold the great wall, which holds back the abundance of the rivers, shall burst forth bringing the hand of the oppressor against you, for I have seen it says the Lord. For mighty is your enemy that has risen from within your own borders.

Now behold, the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place where it should not be. Here is the mystery made known to you, you are the holy place of which I speak, and the abomination of desolation shall rise from within the walls of the temple, to destroy the temple. For have you not seen, and have you not heard, has it not made known to you, have you not read the scriptures; 'for when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, they did bare children to them, and the same became mighty men'. Has not the sea turned mighty.

And the sea shall turn terrible before your very eyes, and the terrible one shall be elevated within the sea (*sea of humanity). Behold the man of peace, Barack Hussein Obama, shall come forth from the sea, and with words of 'peace' he shall bring chaos and destruction.

Behold the fig tree, puts forth it's leaves, and suddenly the time is upon you. The travail begins, and a holy nation is to be born, and it will not stop until that nation is brought forth."



[1] Source: Coronavirus: Is Britain Ready? | Documentary

"Wuhan is China's manufacturing powerhouse...

...its population bigger than London - so where is everybody?...

...This is ground zero for the virus."

Notice the two giant V's they frame in the camera? The two V's refer to the twin system.

They are telegraphing their plans of ultimate destruction!

Next, the reporter states "In response, the Chinese government has kept 11 million people off the streets..." while showing the locked up caged door of the World City Plaza!

In the Bible, 11 means (place of) destruction or ruin, Abaddon.


Deaths 1,384+

Confirmed cases 64,456+

In the Bible, 1384 means tested, approved.

In the Bible 64 means to catch, take by hunting and 456 means God of autumn.

The God of autumn is catching and taking people to the place of destruction (Hades - which is run by Abaddon) by hunting them with the tested and approved COVID-19 coronavirus!

FYI - Abaddon is Satan and his goal is to harvest their souls as fuel for his new race of beings that are about to birth out of the bottomless pit.

WOW! Using the Bible we can see right into the spiritual realm - showing us the truth behind what is really happening in the world.

The Lord Jesus Christ provided the only way out of this.

Be prepared, and make your peace with the LORD God who has the power to save your soul.

Turn with all your heart into His loving arms before the Great and Terrible Day arrives.



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