Coronavirus Report: 131 = Hemorrhage, Mourning = 56 Million - Largest Quarantine in History!

FEATURED VIDEO: 131= Hemorrhage in Strongs. Yesterday the NEWS said 131 People died.The Virus Kills by Hemorrhage.

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Description: The Open Mocking and the Imminent Final Solution are Plain to See for those with eyes that have been opened. Trust in the Lord with All your heart because we Know how the Story Ends...Peace and Grace


Jonathan was grabbing a late-night cup of coffee when he noticed this Tucker Carlson news report about the coronavirus:


He noticed something fascinating about this news report, that he has seen within movies such as I, Robot. (See: I, Robot (New Decode) Will Blow Your Mind! Includes Huge Biblical Unveiling)

When we look up 131 in the Bible it means to lose blood, suffering from a hemorrhage.

"In Mexico, this poor man waited far too long, until the disease became Hemorrhagic; THIS is how this disease ends"

For the record, here is the definition of hemorrhage: an escape of blood from a ruptured blood vessel, especially when profuse.

Saudi Medical Journal records "Spontaneous intracranial hemorrhage in a patient with Middle East respiratory syndrome corona virus" 

Again, in the Bible, 131 means hemorrhage! 


Don't you find it strange that the number on the news is 131?!?

The very next headline in the Tucker Carlson report read:


In the Bible, 60 means mourning!

Mourning is what you do when loved ones get sick and die. 

It's crazy how this all matches up perfectly!

Let's see what other reports have to say. 

The Sun reported "CONTAGION Coronavirus leaves 56 MILLION on lockdown in 14 cities as surgeon who treated sick becomes 41st confirmed death"

The New York Times also reported ".. a lockdown of unprecedented scope affecting 56 million people..." (Note, this is the largest quarantine in history!)

56 MILLION quarantined for 131 deaths?! Wow, that's interesting!

So, let's see what 56 means in the Bible.

56 - mourning

Mourning again?!? 

Isn't that fascinating?! All of the numbers they are using coordinate with definitions in the Bible that match the exact context of their report!

In the Bible, 56 also means - ignorance; specifically: willful ignorance.

Let's look again at The New York Times report:

" illness that has sickened more than 2,700 people worldwide.."

2700 - to strike down with an arrow.

That's what the virus is doing, it is striking down people! 

" illness that has sickened more than 2,700 (strike down) people worldwide.."

WOW! What in the world?!

The odds that all these reported numbers coordinate with definitions in the Bible that match the context of the news report is like 1 in a trillion!



Where is this coronavirus coming from?

"A new study in the Journal of Medical Virology hypothesizes that the disease, officially 2019-nCov, likely lives and grows in snakes. The many-banded krait and the Chinese cobra snakes believed to be sold at the Wuhan market may be sources of the novel coronavirus."

Corona = crown.

The snake that wears a crown is Satan, the prince of the power of the air, the god of this world! (See: Architecture Revealed: The Vatican Is a Crowned Serpent! In the Bible, Satan Is the Serpent!)

Satan (the divining serpent) has unleashed this coronavirus that is killing people!

Satan (the divining serpent) is even spiritually occupying the human host bodies that are scripting the news reports about it!

Those of us who have the light of the Holy Spirit can see right through his darkness, like a flashlight in the dark. It's high time to stay shielded in the armour, faith, and love of The LORD God Jesus Christ.

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Description: The End of the World has an END... It is Looking Inevitable that that time is Quickly arriving... The bell will soon be rung and I believe that that means the time could be UP


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