Witness a Little Thanksgiving Miracle! Includes Documented Biblical Testimony

FEATURED VIDEO: HERE Comes the Fruition and Miraculous CONFIRMATION

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Description: So the Obviousness of the Disclosed Information is available and Ready to be put to the Test ...The Test of Time..... and the Past is 20-20 vision...V.I.C.T.O.R.Y....


This is it Be4thefire, the ministry of Jonathan Kleck has produced more supernatural data than most of the world could ever grasp. 

Another miracle occurred this Thanksgiving that has been video documented and unveiled in front of a group of guests that were in town. 

If you take the time to follow along with the data points, you will witness a miraculous testimony by the Holy Spirit.

The manifestation of the miracle has been listed below with the events numbered in sequential order to help the viewer follow along with the testimony that is fully described in the video presentation.

1. Jonathan sent himself two emails on November 12, 2019, that read as follows:

"and When He Opened the Scroll Luk... (2) G380 ἀναπτύσσω anaptussō an-ap-toos'-..."

"(No Subject) (2) To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord"

Here is the documented screenshot:

The two emails reference Luke 4 and Isaiah 61.

As recorded in the Bible in Luke 4, Jesus began his ministry upon opening Isaiah 61:

2. Jonathan sent the information to himself to be included in his next YouTube video, however, he has not opened these emails as he has been significantly busy with the ongoing construction project and all of the artwork that goes inside.

Here is a little sneak peek at one of the most recent pieces of art, showcasing the doves.


Backup Video Links: kleckfiles.com | koofr.net | Youtube | Odysee 

Isaiah 60:8  "Who are these that fly as a cloud, and as the doves to their windows?"


3. Jonathan has been fervently praying and asking the LORD if he is getting everything correct with the tremendous construction project he is devoted to and has been waiting patiently for a confirmation.

4. Jonathan then receives a little white gift box when he redeems a yellow slip at the post office but does not immediately open it. He holds onto the gift after hearing the LORD tell him to wait to open it.

5. Weeks later, Jonathan had a tight-knit gathering of guests in town to celebrate Thanksgiving. He felt the witness of the Holy Spirit buzzing and the LORD told him to open the little white gift box now and "do it in front of everybody." 

6. Jonathan opens the little white gift box and inside is a little ISAIAH SCROLL!

The unrolled scroll says קומי אור "Arise, Shine" which is from Isaiah 60! (Of course, it unrolls UPSIDE-DOWN for the video testimony!)

7. The two emails Jonathan sent to himself back on November 12th included Luke 4 which references Isaiah 61 and explains the UNROLLED SCROLL!  Again, the two emails read:

"and When He Opened the Scroll Luk... (2) G380 ἀναπτύσσω anaptussō an-ap-toos'-..."

"(No Subject) (2) To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord"

Jonathan sent himself the emails because the information was to be included in the next YouTube video he was working on using Isaiah 61

Also to note, Isaiah 60 contains a highly significant scripture "Who are these that fly as a cloud, and as the doves to their windows?" and during this time Jonathan has been working on the artwork showcasing the doves!


Jonathan was given the UNROLLED SCROLL and called to gather the church of Philadelphia, to prepare the bride of Christ to get ready to leave, and to deliver the UNROLLED SCROLL (THE MEANING OF THE BIBLE)!!!

In the video presentation, there is also a secondary miracle involving a turquoise beanie hat gift that coincides with the white box gift miracle and provides further confirmation of the message communicated through the Holy Spirit.

Enjoy the testimonies and may the LORD God continue to bless you in all truth and peace!



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