Sci-Fi Movie 'They Live' Was Really a Documentary! Now We Know How to See Their Hidden World!

"You see them on the street. You watch them on TV.

You might even vote for one this fall.

You think they're people just like you.

You're wrong. Dead wrong." - They Live (1988)


Roddy Piper, who played Nada (the main character), said, "They Live is a documentary!!"

Even John Carpenter (the Director) told Yahoo in 2015, "It's a documentary. It's not science fiction."

We know exactly why both Roddy Piper and John Carpenter labeled They Live as a 'documentary' and now we can see the world that was once hidden from our sight! 

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Description: The Most Compelling and Unbelievable CONFIRMATION imaginable.... Wowowowowowowowowow!!!!


"They influence our decisions without us knowing it.

They numb our senses without us feeling it.

They control our lives without us realizing it." - THEY LIVE


"Outside the limit of our sight, feeding off us, perched on top of us, from birth to death, are our owners! Our owners! They have us. They control us! They are our masters! Wake up! They're all about you! All around you!" - (Street Preacher from 'They Live' 1988)


FEATURED VIDEO: Satanic Mainstream Mind Control Tactics Exposed

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