Today's Google Doodle Hematologist Lucy Wills 131st Birthday - Decoded

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Today's Google Doodle commemorates Lucy Wills, a leading English hematologist who conducted significant research in India on macrocytic anemia of pregnancy.

A hematologist is someone who studies the cause, prognosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases related to blood.

Google is celebrating today what would be her 131st birthday.

The number 131 from the Strong's Concordance in the Bible means: to lose blood!


Wow, it's quite odd to just happen to be celebrating someone's would-be 131st birthday... when 131 in Bible relates directly to hematology, what she is known for!

This is no mere coincidence and is only the start of the supernatural data that is decoded in this video presentation by Jonathan Kleck - once again, they are using the Bible as a playbook!

It gets even more surprising when we look at the Octavia Butler Google Doodle, which is uncovered in the featured video as well.

Prepare to have your mind blown - this insight is way beyond anything natural, this is supernatural definitive truth no one has ever uncovered before!



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