Prophecy Uncovered in Goliath 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup Commercial

The 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup recently launched a new soccer commercial titled 'GOLIATH', referencing the Bible's "David and Goliath" characters.

What most people do not understand is that everything in this commercial is being spiritually orchestrated and they are once again using numbers in the Bible as a playbook to communicate their plans!

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The dialogue of the commercial coordinates to the female rival in end-time prophecy, here is the transcript of GOLIATH 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup Commercial:

"Think David can defeat Goliath?  Think again. This Goliath isn't just bigger - but faster. She wants it more.  So let the Davids take aim. Because once they come face to face with this Goliath, they'll quickly realize - they never had a chance."

Why do they refer to Goliath as a female

This commercial is telegraphing the time of the 'female rival' spoken of in Daniel 12

In Daniel 12, the time of trouble is known as the time of the 'female rival' that is the start of the great tribulation!  

The commercial highlights a group of fierce female soccer players all charging in slow motion down the field and each one of the numbers on their jerseys describes the female rival's plans of destruction!

The female rival is charging at us to slaughter the fruit, destruction from Abaddon, more destruction, destruction of a Christian prophet, they desire Oh! exclamation of pain and torment!

By the way, in the Biblical story of David and Goliath, David was a Christian prophet!

Here are the coordinating definitions from the numbers on their jerseys (directly from the Strong's Concordance) taken straight out of the Bible!

Soccer jersey #19 - Hebrew word H19 אבחה 'ibchâh meaning: slaughter.

Soccer jersey #4 -Hebrew word H4 אֵב 'êb meaning: fruit.

Soccer jersey #8 -Hebrew word H8 אֹבֵד 'ôbêd meaning: destruction.

Soccer jersey #11 -Hebrew word H11 אֲבַדּוֹן 'ăbaddôn meaning: Abaddon.

Soccer jersey #10 -Hebrew word H10 אֲבַדֳּה 'ăbaddôh meaning: destruction.

Soccer jersey #13 -Hebrew word H13 אָבְדָן 'obdân meaning: destruction.

Greek word G13 Ἄγαβος meaning: Agabos, a Christian prophet.

Soccer jersey #15 -Hebrew word H15 אָבֶה 'âbeh meaning: desire.

Soccer jersey #17 -Hebrew word H17 אֲבוֹי 'ăbôy meaning: Oh!

When we take a closer look at the context of the word Oh! H17, it means exclamation of pain, torment!

Again they are using the numbers in the Bible as their playbook to cryptically communicate their plans of bringing about the great tribulation! 



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