Bud Light Telegraphs Hoover Dam Destruction and the New World Order Birth - Decoded Commercials

The destruction of the Hoover Dam has been telegraphed in various forms of media, including a series of Bud Light commercials that are decoded within this presentation by Jonathan Kleck.

Bud Light Party: Motorcade (Extended) Commercial DECODED


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The Bud Light Party: Motorcade (Extended) commercial highlights Michael Peña, whose career launched after starring in the movie World Trade Center (2006)

All of the shelving in the Bud Light motorcade is loaded as you would load ordnance, representing stacks of explosives.  Everything changed after the World Trade Center was blown up.

In the opening scene of this commercial, Michael Peña states "The Bud Light party believes in change." 

"Change we can believe in" is the slogan launched by Barack Obama during his presidential campaign.

While the Bud Light Motorcade is in transit, the Hoover Dam is filmed from above at a very specific angle which shows the representation of a doomsday clock made like a sundial.

Here is a photo of Obama at the Hoover Dam; note the shape of the bridge (that's important later on).

Michael Peña continues in the commercial "The Bud Light party believes in change. That's why Bud Light has a new look." 

The commercial then shows the baseball field of the L.A. Dodgers from above. All baseball fields are in the formation of a diamondback cobra snake; that is the "new look" of Bud Light because the snake (Satan) is controlling the message being broadcasted by Bud Light.

Peña then throws out the first pitch - a strike.

After the strike, the next scene depicts a truck carrying Bud Light that is in the identical shape of a nuclear warhead missile, proving this represents a strike of a nuclear missile!

The player who catches the nuclear strike is number 25 on the L.A. Dodgers and his teammate, number 34, is on looking from behind.  

The number 25 in the Bible coordinates to 'Let there be' as in 'Let there be light'. 

The number 25 also is derived from 5 x 5, which is a radio term meaning: loud and clear.  They are broadcasting their message loud and clear.

The number 34 in numerology has a similar meaning to 25, the number of Discrimination and Analysis.  This bestows spiritual wisdom through careful observation of people and things, and worldly success by learning through experience."

This is exactly what is going on in the commercial if you carefully observe the people and their numbers and what they signify, then you will have a spiritual understanding of the message they are telegraphing! 

The very next scene shows Peña pressing a big button on a ship, that drops a huge net full of Bud Light onto the deck.  This represents pressing the button that launches the nuclear missile!

Peña then slams his Bud Light on the presidential desk inside the motorcade which starts rumbling, as if from a nuclear missile launch, and the tagline appears "RAISE ONE TO RIGHT NOW."

Raising a banner symbolizes victory and at the very beginning of the commercial we hear the tagline "RAISE ONE TO RIGHT NOW" while a banner was raised titled 'THE BUD LIGHT PARTY'.

The name Lucifer is a Latin name meaning literally "light bringer" or "light bearer" (lux, luci- "light" and -fer "bear" or "carry"). 

The message is quite clear: Lucifer is raising his banner in victory right now, as he declares his plans of a nuclear missile strike and the destruction of the Hoover Dam to birth his New World Order!


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Bud Light Ian Up For Whatever Film Super Bowl Commercial DECODED


This seemingly bizarre commercial by Bud Light featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Don Cheadle, a llama, and twins finally makes total sense!

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The Bud Light Ian Up For Whatever Film commercial starts when Kelly greets Ian with a handshake in direct alignment with the candlelight on the table.

Kelly is the bearer of Bud Light and we know that Lucifer (the light bearer) beguiled Eve. 

In this scene, Kelly represents Eve after being deceived by Lucifer and offers Ian a Bud Light asking, "If I give this to you, are you up for whatever happens next?" 

Eve gave fruit to Adam and she conceived his seed, both falling from the garden of Eden; this is exhibited here in the opening scene of the commercial as Ian accepts the offer from Kelly.

Kelly winks at Ian (in a split second) which is a manifestation of Psalm 35: 19-20,

"Let not them that are mine enemies wrongfully rejoice over me: neither let them wink with the eye that hate me without a cause.  For they speak not peace: but they devise deceitful matters against them that are quiet in the land." (KJV Holy Bible)

The enemy of Our Heavenly Father is known as the female rival in Daniel 12. The name meaning of Kelly is: warrior woman. The name meaning of Ian is: gift from God.

This scene correlates to Genesis 3 "neither shall ye touch it" as Kelly, the warrior woman steals the gift from God (Ian's soul) by tempting him to sin.

Ian is then whisked away in a red limo as the guest of honor for a bachelorette party. (Women know what happens at a bachelorette party and men know what happens at a bachelor party - long story short, things can get very promiscuous and sinful..)

Ian arrives at a hotel and enters an elevator where Don Cheadle happens to be donning the same suit jacket as Ian. 

Don wearing the same suit jacket as Ian is representing the twin of Ian - one black, one white.  There are also a set of twins wearing identical blue dresses in the elevator.

Don Cheadle is handling a white llama named Lily.  Llamas are used often in the Inca tradition for animal sacrifices.  The name meaning of Lily is: Pure and innocent.

Next, Ian ends up at a party where everyone has their own twin! 

Everything in this commercial points to the twin system of good and evil started in the garden of Eden when Cain slew his twin brother Abel.

Ian has slipped into the coat of the duplicitous twin system, and through sin is being hunted in this staged night out to be unwittingly the "pure and innocent sacrifice". 

In the commercial, everyone other than Ian is an actor being run by Satan and they are hiding the fact that Ian is the pure and innocent sacrifice represented by Lily the llama!

The last major scene of the Bud Light commercial includes a "sudden-death" ping pong match with Arnold Schwarzenegger, that telegraphs the destruction of the Hoover Dam. 

The very unique ping pong table is literally in the identical shape of the bridge overlooking the Hoover Dam!

In the final scene of the commercial, the wall collapses behind Ian and Arnold Schwarzenegger and the crowd erupts - this represents the bursting of the Hoover Dam. 

The Hoover Dam is the location where the water breaks, symbolizing the spiritual birth of the new race of beings where all the innocent will abruptly be sacrificed as nuclear Armageddon unleashes across the world and the New World Order (represented by OneRepublic) takes the stage.


Bud Light 'The Bud Light Party' Super Bowl Commercial DECODED

'The Bud Light Party' features both Seth Rogen and Amy Schumer and once again telegraphs Lucifer's Party and his destructive plans for America.

FEATURED VIDEO: Lucifer's Party TELEGRAPHING New Race & Nukes

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It's obvious when promoting a brand such as Bud Light, you take extra steps to make sure the brand logo is clearly captured on camera throughout the commercial.

The first thing that stands out in this commercial is the flag on the White House is folded over hiding the Bud Light logo, leaving only the depiction of a white flag.  This is done on purpose as the white flag symbolizes the surrendering of the White House. 

Amy Schumer announces "My fellow Americans... They say we're a nation divided." 

Here in America, that is absolutely true and Jesus in Matthew 12:25 said "..every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation".

Amy Schumer then states "They say we disagree on everything." 

The camera oddly frames her and Seth with the "THE BUD LIGHT PARTY" sign in the background cut in half allowing us to only read 'THE LIGHT PARTY'. 

This is not another branding mistake; they framed the sign in the camera like this on purpose because Lucifer is the light bearer who is proclaiming his plans through these Bud Light commercials. 

Seth Rogan says "But that's not true. We agree on a lot." 

Amy replies "Like Paul Rudd." 

The last film Paul Rudd did was Captain America: Civil War. They are cryptically saying that they agree on having a Civil War. 

This is about a spiritual civil war between the children of Satan and the children of The Lord God inside the human bodies on earth.

The next scene is in front of the Lincoln Memorial and Seth exclaims, "We will not go quietly into the night. We will not vanish without a fight. We're going to live on. We're gonna survive. Today we celebrate. Our Independence Day!"

Amy: "Are you just quoting Independence day?"  Seth: "Yeah." 

This is speaking of the other race of beings that have taken over the human temple, declaring their independence from being governed under the Lord God and proclaiming their willingness to fight to achieve a world without the spirit of Christ.

Amy: "America has seen the light."

Again, Lucifer is the light bearer and is cryptically televising his plans right in front of us!

The Washington Monument is a depiction of the phallic penetration and origination of Lucifer's fallen race here on earth who are now achieving their New World Order goal of complete independence from The Lord Jesus Christ.

All of the Bud Light commercials are communicating the same New World Order plans of finalizing the government of Satan through order out of chaos which includes the destruction of the Hoover Dam and the hostile takeover of humanity by Satan's new race of beings. 

Most people are completely asleep to the spiritual warfare that is surrounding us and that is being televised to us day by day. 

We hope these extensive video presentations will help all to rightly discern and prepare for what is to come.



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