Smirnoff 'Apple Bite' Commercial Reveals Forbidden Truth About Sex and the Garden of Eden

*Article Updated 9.10.2022

In the Smirnoff presents: The Apple Bite commercial, the forbidden truth of the Garden of Eden is conspicuously displayed right in front of our eyes!

What do you see in this commercial? 

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The most profound revelations surrounding the Garden of Eden, the origin of sin, and the fall of mankind is revealed in the complete documentary feature: You Are Exiles.

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Description: The big secret about your identity that the world does not want you to know about. There is a very dark truth about Satanic ritualistic cannibalism and how it fuels the coming One-World-Government. There is a dark, supernatural army of Locust like creatures that will be released during the Tribulation. Satan has been building his personal army for generations… Lucifer’s Shadow Government operates in the dark corners on Earth, and infects all major spheres of influence.



The first scene shows Adam and Eve in an elevator with a carpet that resembles a DNA panel.


(Here is an image of a DNA panel for your comparison):

The woman portraying Eve has her shoelaces made into loops like the ouroboros

Similar to an infinity symbol, the ouroboros represents the way their serpent race flesh host body system continues on..

In the commercial, the man with ginger-colored hair plays Satan and is shown in this scene as a bellhop (with a reverse mirror reflection) assisting the Adam and Eve characters and keeping a close eye on them. 

Here we see the 2 in 1; opposing energies of male and female governed by one mind (the mind of Satan). 

This scene explicitly shows Genesis 3:7 "And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons."

The scene shows the peephole eye opening and the bellhop Satan keeping his eye on Adam and Eve.

We notice the pine cones on the wall.

The pine cone is symbolic of the pineal gland, also referencing the "third eye" of how Satan controls the minds throughout the host body system and the contact point of the soul.

The pine cone symbology traces very far back in ancient history. Also, the Pope carries a staff with a pine cone, and the largest pine cone statue in the world is in Vatican City:

Everyone dining at the party is half asleep and tainted with sin (as depicted in this lustful lipstick scene). 

We notice the actor playing Satan is now the bartender as well, and he greets Adam and Eve with a fake smile as his intentions are purely sinister toward them.

The actor playing Satan is also shown as every member of the musical band playing and is the one orchestrating and possessing all of the dining guests by the tune of his sound. 

This scene shows serpents making the alcoholic beverage (the spirit)..

..and then Eve's eyes being fixed open in a trance!

The serpents cleverly outline the female reproductive system - ovary, ovary, fallopian tube, fallopian tube:

Next, the Smirnoff alcohol (aka. the spirit) is twisted open and poured,..

..the apple is squeezed,..

..and a white serpent strikes the beverage buttons injecting lemonade (representing semen) into the cocktail.

The cocktail is offered to Eve and she reaches out and takes the bait.

Adam and Eve are shown trapped inside an apple (trapped inside the flesh host body because of the forbidden fruit of sex) and they go sit down at a table as a new Adam and Eve enter the party to repeat the process. 

Smirnoff: Apple Bite "Taste of Temptation"



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