Rihanna, Lohan Secret Tattoo 'Slaughter Jesus' Shhh! They Are Finished!


FEATURED VIDEO: 19 888 "SLAUGHTER JESUS" .....They are FINISHED..This is No Joke!!!

Description: The Code is completely cracked ,,,their plans are Completely Discovered ...They can No Longer Hide Behind the Veil..They are About to Face the Judge of the WORLD

Hey Rihanna, what is the big secret?!

The letter 'S' in numerology equates to 19.

The number 19 coordinates in the Strongs concordance of the Bible to the Hebrew word אִבְחָה ibchah which means slaughter.

The letters 'hhh' = 888, which represents Jesus.

This 'shhh' sign means 'SLAUGHTER JESUS'!!!

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