The Rap Star YG's New Clothing Line '4HUNNID' is Absolutely Horrifying!


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Description: NOW the VEIL is DOWN..SEE SEE SEE with Your own Eyes the Truth of the ENEMY'S Plan come to Fruition... It will CHALLENGE Your Reality from a VANTAGE Point That FEW Ever get to SEE...Look at Neighborhood watch signs from around the world..The Scorpion Race that RULES US and the SHEEP READY FOR the FINAL SOLUTION



Many people including YG (the rapper) are being possessed by Satan (the angel of the bottomless pit) to hunt God's children (which are spirits/angels trapped in a host body) by getting them caught up in sin and the final BLOODBATH is now at the door!

Want proof?

Let's look at YG's clothing line called '4 HUNNID'.

Here is a gold hoodie with the brand logo on the back featuring an angel sleeping above the logo depicting '4 HUNNID':

Do you know why there is an angel there? Let's uncover the true meaning of this hoodie:

'4 HUNNID' really means '4 DINNUH' you know like '4 DINNER' like angels are 'FOR DINNER'!

You don't believe YG is being used by Satan to hunt God's angels?

Let's see if they have any sneakers to match our hoodie before we hit the register:

Bait x Reebok x YG - Classic Leather 400



The number 400 in the Bible means: food! (Strong's Concordance H400)

See, they hate angels and they know we are lost angels and you are f'ed because of the sin you committed in your host body against the Lord God and now the angel of the bottomless pit gets to destroy your soul as their food source in hell!

It's called '4 HUNNID' like someone speaking slang would say "Hey give me $400." Like "Four Hundred dollars."

Do you know what the number 400 represents in the Bible?

The number 400 in the Bible is about slavery, misery and bondage for the children of God who got carried away captive!

See, because You Are an Angel That Was Birthed into the Flesh body and carried away captive from heaven to earth!

Now you are hunted by sin and sinners and the only way back home is through Christ.

YG even carries baby clothes for your little angel to wear:

These demons want you and your baby's soul as food a source "like a snack" for Satan's army in the bottomless pit of hell.

What is YG's real name anyway? Keenon Daequan Ray Jackson.

Why does he call himself "YG" if that is his name? It doesn't make sense, it's not an acronym or some abbreviation of his real name.. He says it's for "Young gangsta" but no.. let's look at the hidden meaning:

Y = 25 numerically and G = 7 numerically, therefore YG = 257. When we look up this number in the Strong's Concordance we see it means: "brother of an understanding (intelligent) one." H0257

YG is mocking everyone by calling HIMSELF the "brother of an understanding (intelligent) one" because the spirit that is occupying him knows it is hunting the souls of God's angels who are following him to the pit of hell as he keeps them in the dark about it!

Well YG, it appears you are not so intelligent after all, as your own clothing line just BUSTED you!



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