New Data Reveals Sri Lanka Bombings Orchestrated by a Spirit Targeting 'Christians as Prey'!

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In the Sri Lanka bombings, Christians were targeted in hotel rooms and churches having gatherings whilst eating brunch during their Easter (Resurrection day) celebrations.

Throughout various news reports of the bombings, injuries and fatalities are being reported with numbers that align to matching definitions in the Bible!  For instance..

As stated in the Drudge Report:

"Blasts hit Sri Lanka churches, hotels. . . EASTER SUNDAY ATTACK. . .  8 EXPLOSIONS. . . 207+ DEAD. . .  400+ INJURED. . .  GOVT SHUTS SOCIAL MEDIA SITES. . ."

The Drudge Report stated there were 207+ dead.  Why not just make it even and write 200+?  Why did they specifically use the number 207?  

Because, just like the Notre Dame fire reports, they are using numbers in the Bible as a playbook! 

"207+ DEAD. . ."  The number 207 in the Bible means: Aquila, a Christian.

"400+ INJURED. . ."  The number 400 in the Bible means: food as in food supply, mealtime, prey.

Wow, that's interesting! 

In the Sri Lanka bombings, the Christians were attacked during mealtime while they were eating food and celebrating the resurrection of Christ!

This also conveys an underlying message that is much darker: the Christians are the prey!

"8 EXPLOSIONS. . ."  The number 8 in the Bible means: destruction.

WOW! Looks like they're getting every one of their words right out of the Bible! Who or what is orchestrating this attack against Christians?!


How is this possible?  What you are seeing is the truth behind the spiritual warfare that is occurring on the earth.

"The first strike occurred at 8:45 a.m. (local time) in the Church of St. Anthony."

As shown above, the number 8 in the Bible means: destruction.

The number 45 in the Bible means: father of strength.

The Sri Lanka bombings were a targeted attack using numerology straight out of the Bible to convey a message.

The Evil One wants to convey that he is the "father of strength" by flexing his destruction of Christians as he poses as God (even though he is not the Almighty, the Lord God Jesus Christ).



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