Decoded: Alien Covenant Reveals Horrific Secret About the Human Race!

"I am going to show you a code that the Lord God allowed me to understand; it's in all these movies - it's right in front of you - ALL OF THE TIME.  The angel of the bottomless pit is using the above-ground host body system as a puppet system and he is mocking those he is destroying all day long." - Jonathan Kleck

FEATURED VIDEO: Shhhhhhhh,,,the SECRET is HORRIFYING!! Oh m Lord!!

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Description: The code is cracked and the Enemy is exposed...I feel a little sick right now because of the reality of ALL OF THIS



In this tense scene from Alien Covenant, a girl lays inside the hypersleep chamber to be cryogenically frozen and states her final wish of building a cabin by the water in the new world with Walter.

After being locked in the chamber, she notices that Walter doesn't understand her dream about building a cabin together, and then she suddenly realizes it is not Walter but David (the evil twin character) locking her in the chamber, who plans to use her as a host body to birth the new alien race!

David, which means 'beloved' is playing as evil Walter - which means 'ruler of the army'

Walter is the evil 'ruler of the army'. What army? The army of the alien xenomorphs from the pit! 

It gets way more unbelievably real as we continue this decode, you will see how the entire movie is coded to transmit the prophecy and now the code has now been cracked allowing us to understand what is being transmitted to the viewing audience. 

David silences her with a "Shhh..." and in a sinister tone concludes with "Don't let the bed bugs bite." (referring to the Revelation 9 xenomorph alien locust bugs from the pit) as she is put to eternal sleep. 

Looking at the badge of her suit, we see the letters USCSS.

Let's break this down the way it was revealed:

US = 2119. The numerically equivalent word in the Strongs concordance is Hebrew word H2119 זָחַל zâchal which is defined as: A primitive root; to crawl; by implication to fear: - be afraid, serpent, worm.

C = 3. The numerically equivalent word in the Strongs concordance is the Greek word G3 Ἀβαδδών Abaddōn which is defined as: Abaddon, the angel of the abyss.

SS = 1919 The numerically equivalent word in the Strongs concordance is the Greek word G1919 ἐπίγειος epigeios which is defined as: of the earth.

Altogether, USCSS on her badge means: Be afraid, serpent, worm. Abaddon, the angel of the abyss. of the earth. 

In this scene, the girl is terribly afraid as she finds out the evil 'ruler of the army' (Abaddon) is using her as a host body to impregnate with a serpent/worm to birth the new alien race of the earth!

How could these numbers transcribe to the precise storyline that is ongoing in the scene!?

They are using the Bible as a playbook and mocking the unsuspecting viewing audience that never reads the Bible and is clueless about what is going on!

If you think this is some coincidence, you need to watch the full video presentation above - there is WAY MORE! 



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