COCO Chanel and Versace Commercials Reveal Truth About Sex in the Garden of Eden

In COCO Chanel's 'She's Not There' and Versace's 'Bright Crystal' perfume commercials, secrets about the forbidden fruit of the Garden of Eden are displayed right in front of our eyes again!

Both commercials are decoded in this featured video presentation by Jonathan Kleck who has discovered that there is a common denominator in both commercials! 

Do you see it?


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COCO Chanel 'She's Not There' Commercial Decode:

The first scene in the commercial displays an eye that is opening up

This coordinates directly to Genesis 3:4  "And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die: For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.

Everyone at the formal party is dressed in only black & white, representing darkness & light, good & evil.

Then we have the seducer laying down making a pyramid with her legs, representing the pyramid as our enemy which is synonymous with the all-seeing eye of the beguiler Satan. 

She then continues to seduce the man; she applies perfume slowly to her neck while making a '666' with her fingers.

She then presents the perfume as an offer to the male figure walking into the party, and the male accepts representing Eve beguiling Adam with the fruit in the Garden of Eden. 

As soon as he accepts and thinks he is going to get the girl dressed in glittering white - the light turns to darkness!

In the middle of this switch from light to dark there is a dragon that appears in the design of the new female's dress!

He looks for the girl in white but "She's not there!" 

Immediately, the girl in white delivers him a knockout punch

We hear audio of a prison door slamming shut in the background of the commercial when this punch is delivered!

The scene then flips to an aerial shot showing the man trapped inside this symbol: the vesica piscis

The vesica piscis is formed by the intersection of two circles: the two cells are the seed of the serpent and the seed of the women, which formed the flesh body prison. (Read Genesis 3:15).

The entire seduction of Adam by Eve, the dragon (Satan), and the fall of man are all portrayed step by step in this COCO Chanel perfume commercial!

Just as in the COCO Chanel 'She's Not There' commercial, the forbidden truth of the Garden of Eden is conspicuously displayed right in front of our eyes in Versace's 'Bright Crystal' commercial as well!


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Versace 'Bright Crystal' Commercial Decode:

The opening scene of the Versace perfume commercial 'Bright Crystal' shows a light being falling from above unto the dry parched earth.

She places her hands on the dry parched ground, which looks very much like the scales of a serpent.

(Fact: Human skin cells under an electron microscope look exactly like serpent scales)!

A parched ground is symbolic of Satan's kingdom and the next scene shows a crystal growing out of the desert ground in the form of a penis.

The woman participates with it in sexual intercourse and we see stars falling from heaven. 

A new dark spirit enters her and instantly her skin is shown crystallizing and becomes her prison! 

She exhales her last breath representing her dying (spiritually). We can also see her pupil go from circular in shape, to a slit like a serpent. (Watch the video closely)!

Her soul is then captured inside the Versace perfume bottle with the vesica piscis cork locking her essence inside!


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