180,000 Bees of Notre Dame Survive Fire – The Hive Mystery Fully Revealed

The cryptic news reports of "180,000" and "200,000" bees surviving the Notre Dame Cathedral fire have been deciphered revealing the true message of what is being telegraphed here.


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Description: TOOOOOOOOOO OBVIOUS !!! They have always ( Since the Beginning) been hidden in Plain Sight ,,, Now WE can SEE Them !!!! GAME OVER!!!

News reports of "180,000" and "200,000" bees surviving the Notre Dame Cathedral fire have been decoded exposing the real message being communicated here.

Once again they are using the Bible as a playbook!

The message is clear.  "180,000" and "200,000" bees surviving the Notre Dame fire translates to: not abandoning (giving up), locust.

The hive is communicating that: the locusts are not abandoning or giving up and will survive the fire.

We know that the hive already communicated:

"The Notre Dame Cathedral fire was a necessity in reference to what is required to attain some end (the end of the iconic cross aka. all Christians)." [See: Notre Dame Fire: The Real Meaning Now Uncovered!].

Who is the hive?  The hive is the minds of those whom Satan is spiritually controlling from the bottomless pit inside the earth.

We know Satan is the king of a below-ground locust army [See: Revelation 9 Army: You Will Never See Them Coming] and he is sending out a signal, like how a Bluetooth signal operates, to control host bodies.

Those that are possessed by Satan are being blindly manipulated from the spiritual realm and are being utilized to communicate and conduct Satan's plans.

Again, the hive is using the Bible as a playbook!  This is revealed over and over and over again in various forms of media such as:


To completely understand the hive mind and how 'we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places (Ephesians 6:12)' - we introduce the full presentation below titled Revelation of THE END.

The papal regalia depicted above is the complete version of Vatican City’s Coat of Arms and prominently features the beehive crown known as the papal tiara.  

The top rulers of this world keep their esoteric knowledge and the true meanings of their hidden symbology tightly under wraps.  Only by a supernatural gift of discernment from above, were these deeply hidden secrets brought to light to be made available for the general public’s insight.  What you are about to witness is Vatican City’s most heavily guarded secrets of all time – revealed! 


Description: There is a series of hidden images exposed in this video- The Whore, The Dragon, The Devil, The Owl, The Locust, and they all point to THE END.

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