The Truth Behind Cupid / Eros and Psyche / Fallen Angels and the Kiss of Death

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Transcript paraphrased from the video 'You Betcha!!Here it Comes' by Jonathan Kleck:

Okay folks, ...this revelation is end of the road type deal. Remember, Jesus was betrayed by Judas with a kiss. He said 'You betray the Son of man with a kiss.'  

In Donald Trump's downtown Manhattan apartment he has a lot of accouterments that are very pagan in origin. He has a mural of Apollo, a statue of Helios (which is the personification of the Sun pulling the chariot across the sky) and he has Eros and Psyche.

You guys can go look this up yourself just search for 'Trump Manhattan condo' and then you can see right here on the coffee table, this is Eros and Psyche:

It is a statue of an angel and he's kissing a woman. It's a very common and popular statue and based off of an original. A lot of people call it 'Cupid' but this is the statue I'm talking about: Eros and Psyche.  



It depicts an angel kissing a woman and you will notice: one is right-side up one is upside down.

By a bizarre set of circumstances, the Lord led me to this Eros and Psyche and if you think about it as the first angel giving the first human woman a kiss I think your mind is going to literally explode once I deliver this information to you.

So let me just give you a quick preview, that is a sheep with its tongue sticking out. The entire image is a sheep with its tongue sticking out.

The girl's breasts are the tongue of the Sheep. Here's the eye, the eye, there's the ear there. I drew in every single line, drew in every change of shadow. I drew it in right-side-up, I drew it in upside down and when I tell you something's conclusive you can take it to the bank - it is conclusive.

Same as I told you the Vatican was a big reptile it's a big snake wearing a crown, it is conclusive and it is conclusive because when the Lord leads you to this kind of information he doesn't just show it to you he proves it to you.

I looked at this particular image of Eros and Psyche and I heard the Lord say look up the Canadian silver coin with the guy in the canoe - that's what I heard so I looked it up. I typed it into Google Images and it brought up this image and you'll see that right here:

There is an alien hatching out of a cocoon, that is like a pupa. There's the head of the alien coming out and the alien's reflection is a human:

When you know what's going on, really, everyone's been lied to since the moment you opened your eyes and you took your first breath. It has all been a lie and that is what the Lord has let me prove.

So I took this image right here, I cropped it and I pulled the alien out (this is what the Lord wanted to show me) because in this image of Eros and Psyche I had to understand that is the rudimentary image. That is the rudimentary image and it's very insect-ish. It's coming out of a pupae that is not some coat, that is an alien and his reflection is human.

So if you look at that rudimentary image of the alien head right there, (I'll just give you guys a little short preview of what's coming). Let's say I would have to enlarge that and then drag this right on top, so now I'm just I'm taking this image of an alien head and I'm putting it right there (where that alien head is coming out of its pupae). I'm gonna replace it with this alien head right there and I'm sure you guys can see how I colored this long pink of the alien but there it is and there it is hatching out of a pupae and I'll just slide it right over on there and there's an alien head coming out of pupae.

I'm gonna show you two images that you guys can just sit there and go 'oh my gosh'! So, on the back of this guy's back is a tattoo of Eros and Psyche:

There are so many more things hidden in here. It is literally the agenda of the human race hidden in one picture. Right here you'll see the head of a dragon:

There's the eye of the dragon and the nose of the dragon comes down and the tongue of the dragon that comes out the tongue of the dragon comes out actually becomes a tongue of a different sheep.

There are several sheep in here, like I said, the guy that did this was a really good shadow artist. The cumulative sum is a dead sheep on two accounts and it is the dragon and it is a kiss between an angel and a woman.

Genesis 3:3 "...neither shall you touch it, lest you die." The word touch euphemistically means to lay with a woman.

Okay, so now we have an image that's called Eros and Psyche which is an angel touching a woman touching and what the woman is - is a big surprise! Get ready to freak out. This is why Jesus said 'You betray the Son of man with a kiss.' to Judas. 

The woman becomes a giant stinging locust! See the stinger highlighted in red:

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