Lucifer the Fallen Queen of Heaven - How The Devil Steals Souls Using Human Bodies on Earth


All right, know we are going to enter into the final phase of this document. There have already been produced images 1 through 9, as you have well seen. Repetitively the destruction of sheep and the serpent eating sheep, you have seen that things are not as they appear even the Vatican its self Is a large building in the shape of a giant serpent wearing a crown. The mouth of that serpent on the inside is also the mouth of a large locust mentioned in revelation 9. The sheep that are going into the mouth of the locust are food. So nothing is as it seems or appears to be and such will continue.

I am going to show you the hall of Constantine, also in the Vatican Museum. At the end of the hallway, you will see this image on the left of the page. I was in complete and utter shock when the Lord showed me this. He showed me this so I could understand the whole puzzle, even though the puzzle had become painfully obvious.

On the right is the image of the dragon and we all know that in the bible the dragon is symbolic of the devil and is actually the collective consciousness of Lucifer. I am going to show you what this really is and to your eyes, it may look like one thing but for the vision, the Lord has allowed me to have and to show you is also going to allow you to see what this really is. Take the image above this is actually Lucifer.

REMEMBER THINGS ARE NOT ALWAYS WHAT THEY SEEM. I AM GOING TO SHOW YOU IMAGES OF THE VIRGIN. You must understand before I continue you, this goes back to the Garden of Eden. This is actually the worship of Eve as the one that fell, the reason they worship the virgin is because the virgin is where this race of beings got their start and is using Gods children as food for their demons. This is not just an image on the left of a virgin, it is also a female vagina, and the same as the largest alter in the world. When you turn it upside down, it is a female vagina. I just want to clarify and make sure you understand just what exactly it is you’re looking at. I will also give you another image of a piece of jewelry just to make it very clear and I am sorry that we have to deal with this. Okay this is supposedly an image of the virgin; this is an image of a female vagina. So why would somebody were that around there neck? Satan’s race worships that, the reproductive system is what Satan runs his world out of, because the flesh belongs to Satan. If you’ll remember, when you turn Saint Peters altar in the Vatican upside down, the entire thing becomes the female reproductive system. The entire altar is a dead sheep and a giant vagina that people get on their knees in front of and worship. Isaiah said those who try to hide their plans from the lord, they turn everything upside down. There plans are to capture Gods angels and turn them into food, by having them birthed into the flesh and when not reconciled to God they become food for Satan and his demons. Those are there plans and the rest of the previous part of this document is 100 percent conclusive. Now let me continue and let me show you were this is going to go.

We’re going to start with this image on the left. You’re looking at the face of the devil. I am going to take that image and zoom out. It will become very clear. The face of the devil is between two spread legs. I know this is a lot to deal with but it is the absolute truth. So the mouth of the devil is actually the vagina on the creature that you are about to see, Lucifer, the queen of heaven, masquerading as a world religious system.

Where the virgin is worshipped, because Lucifer and his demons survive off the souls of Gods angels. Now I am going to show you the entirety of what I have already shown you. I am going to expose the rest of the creature to you. The head is the collective consciousness of Lucifer and I am going to draw it in for you. (First picture on next page)

Satan’s goal was to have us breed with his race of beings in order to create a host body that they could steal souls. I am going to focus on the torso and the head. (Image on the left.) This creature you’re looking at is Lucifer in the Catholic Church. Now as I zoom out you will see that the picture becomes very clear. (Image down below.) Look very carefully there is an owl.

I will show it to you. The beak of the owl is actually the face of a human. I will zoom in and show it to you. Here it is, pay very close attention because we are going to look at what happens to every human soul that is not redeemed. Remember this slave collar; you see the collar around the neck? Do you see the ropes going from each side? It also becomes an owl. That is why they worship Moloch at the bohemian grove. The full image of the owl is on the right. So here is the reason the owl is so prevalent in secret so societies because the owl sees in the dark and it is a symbol for Lucifer.

This entirety, the accumulative sum of the image is the collective consciousness of Lucifer. Now what is really going to blow your mind is that I told you between the legs is the face of the devil, and the vagina is the mouth of the devil because we are food for this creature. So the production of every human that is born becomes a cage for another soul, and if that soul is not redeemed its food for the devil, you understand?

Let me show you something, the day that I was showing this to somebody. I was in shock and I was like oh my gosh, well that very same day, that person said they wanted to go to the grocery store and I drove them there when I walked in I could not believe they were selling dresses. I thought how odd that the grocery store was selling dresses. I walked in and the exact same image that is between the legs of that creature, Lucifer is here on this dress. Here is the head of the devil. It is the female reproductive system and it makes the face of the devil. If you take this image and turn it upside down there is a mirror reflection, but that is absolutely the face of the devil and the female reproductive system on this dress and the mouth of the devil is right where the vagina would be for the woman wearing the dress. This is the way the

Lord confirmed to me that I am right and that I have understood it. Now I will match them up for you, I will take that face of the devil and I will put it side by side with what I took off that dress. It is identical. That is absolutely impossible. The skin that we are born into is our prison. Remember I told you to make sure you pay close attention to the slave collar that was on the guy,

because the collective consciousness of this creature runs humans in a slave collar, every human is a slave to the creature, Lucifer. The creature with the mind of the dragon has enslaved every human being, do you understand? I will show you one more time, a colored in image of it so you can see that I have meticulously drawn it in and colored it in for you. That is a plastic layover that I did and I will take the clear plastic layover and lay it right on top of the original image, there you go, Mystery Solved. It goes back to the Garden of Eden and the serpent said unto the woman, the word for woman is ish-shaw', naw-sheem' in Hebrew it means adulteress. In the bible it says that the woman said to the serpent, the word for serpent is naw-khawsh' and it means it hisses when it speaks, not because it crawls on the ground and she said to the serpent we may eat of any tree except for the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, because lest we touch it and we die, the word for touch means to lay with like a woman. That was exhibit number #11. Let’s get to the next exhibit, and the last exhibit, exhibit #12. - (Exhibit #11 of The FINAL Case Against Lucifer)

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