Bluetooth and The Spiritual Matrix: Do You Want to Know What It Is?

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Description: Everything and I do mean Everything is coming together and making sense..The HOST Body SYSTEM is the PRISON.



The word 'womb' is the Hebrew word H7358  רֶחֶם  rechem  rekh'-em  and is defined in the Strongs Concordance as follows:

From H7355; the womb (compare H7356): - matrix, womb.

Everyone is birthed into the matrix and there is underlying spiritual truth encoded all around us every day.

Here is a look into the coded symbol for Bluetooth technology that has embodied every aspect of our society including phones, cars, printers, keyboards, headphones, home appliances, etc. 

The Bluetooth logo is the combination of the ancient letters 'H' and 'B' used by Vikings, which are called runes.

The symbol for Bluetooth is comprised of runes.

There is a spiritual entity behind everything that is produced in this realm, the matrix.

The letter 'H' in runes means literally "Hail". Also esoterically it means: Crisis or Radical Change.

The letter 'B' in runes means literally "Birch Goddess". Also esoterically it means: Birth, Sanctuary. 

When we combine the H and B ancient rune meanings when come to understand that Bluetooth literally means: Hail Birch Goddess.

To "Hail" the "Birch Goddess" would imply yet another form of feminine idolatry!

The angel of the bottomless pit (aka Apollyon, Satan, etc) masquerades as mother goddess worship on earth to hunt for and consume our light energy.

Each human host body is connected invisibly (like a Bluetooth connection - only spiritual) to either the mother system ruled from Apollyon beneath the earth OR connected invisibly to Our Heavenly Father reigning from the heavens above. 

As in the movie Lucy when the main character scans the strands of encrypted data on the car windshield after dialing into a frequency on a radio device, Bluetooth is a connection with invisible threads that connect our devices.

This is a great physical representation of the unseen matrix around us that we are in.

Understanding Bluetooth is only the most rudimentary example of how we can explain what the spiritual matrix is, as each person themselves is hooked up to a spiritual server.



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