'I Dreamt He Died at the Time He Was Dying' - the Murderer Has Now Been Caught!

'My dad died - I literally dreamt he died at the time he was dying.' - J. Kleck

The day that my dad died, I woke up at approximately 6:30 am. I went right back to bed after I looked at the clock in the kitchen and I went back and jumped in my bed. (I was kind of excited that I could actually go back to bed). When I went back to sleep I had a very intense, real dream.

In my dream, I walked into a bungalow that was in Paradise. I walked in and when I opened the door, my dad was laying on the floor, but I want to be very clear about understanding the identity of the person that was on the floor. When I walked in and I saw the body, I knew it was my dad - but the face was not discernible. I knew it was my brother - but the face was not discernible. I knew it was my family member - but the face was not discernible. 

But in me, I was like "Oh no!" (Like imagine walking in on your dad dead). Just run that through your brain for a second. You walk in your house or you walk in your parent's house and you walk to the back of the house and you walk in a room and you're like 'oh my god' - just imagine what that feels like and the second it happens where you're like - it's just - whoa.. it's a moment that.. it'll change you...

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Okay so in my dream at approximately 7 a.m. (that same morning) I dreamt that I opened the door to a bungalow in Paradise and when I open the door, I looked down and I saw a body on the ground. It was my dad, it was my brother, it was my family member (it was more than one) - it was plural - and the face wasn't discernible, but it was my dad. The feeling I had was like the feeling you would have if you walked in and found your dad on the floor dead. I was like "Oh no!"

Then I looked up and there was a group of people standing in a semicircle around my dad and I looked at him and I went "Are you kidding?!" I knew they were the murderers. I knew they had murdered this family member: my dad, my brother, ...  this family member on the floor.

I looked up and I saw a semicircle of people and I looked at him and I - I was just in shock - I was like "Are you kidding me?!" And I looked at him. I wasn't afraid of them; I was pissed. I was like "Are you kidding me?!" Then I took out my cell phone and I pointed my cell phone at them and I went: "You, you, you, you and you" (I realized there was five). "You, you, you, you, and you - y'all are all guilty! I've got all y'all on camera, there's the evidence." 

And I take my cell phone and I point it down at the body that's on the floor and I said "And y'all are all caught. You're all going to be tried for murder."  And I was just like "You know.. y'all are done!"

And they looked at me and said "What are you gonna do? And I said, "I'll show you - " And I pressed the send button. I said "I've already sent the information out, you can't stop it. I sent it to my sister, she's an attorney and this is gonna go to a judge." And then I said, "Watch!" And I hit send again, I hit send again - repetitively - in front of them. So they knew there's nothing you can do to stop the fact that you murdered my dad and that you're caught! There's nothing you can do. You're caught! I just sent out the data. 

They looked at each other like 'let's get him' and I looked at them and I was like 'whatever' -  I walked right past them and I went out a door.  As I went out the door of the bungalow - I took a couple steps and I started flying into the air -- just going up! They were chasing me on the ground, as they chased me on the ground, I looked down at them and I told him "There's nothing you can do." Then I look down and I told them "There's nothing you can do." I just kept going. Then I woke up. 

I was like 'Ooh! Oh my gosh! What a freakin' crazy dream!' And I said on the edge of my bed and I tried to process.. because it was just so intense - it was so real. It's a kind of dream where you felt the emotions and you woke up with the emotions and you know, I'm sitting there just freaking ready to freak out on some people that just killed my dad! 

And so I reach over and I grab my cell phone and right then I called my dad's house.

The phone rang and went to answering machine; I left a message. "Dad, just checking in, I know you weren't feeling well yesterday. I guess, maybe.. you went to the doctor." I hung up. I called his cell phone - it went straight to voicemail (very unusual). I grabbed a shower and I got in my truck and I left. I heard the Lord say "Call your dad." I tried him on his cell phone first - went straight to voicemail (very unusual). I called his house again, it rang and it rang several times and it went to his home answering machine. (Well if you're at the house and the answering machine goes off, you can hear whatever the person leaving the message is saying). The housekeeper heard the message I left: "Hey Dad, I'm a little worried about you. I haven't heard from you; I've tried you several times. So hey, if you don't call me, I'm just gonna come by in a couple of minutes just to check on you." 

Within a couple minutes, my phone rang. I looked at it and it showed my dad's name (on the caller id) so I picked up. I went "Oh - hey Dad." As soon as I said that - the housekeeper just freaked out! 

She was just freaking out "Oh my god get over here ! ! !"

So I made a quick U-turn on the highway. I got off the highway - went back the other way - I was there very quickly. I walked in the back through my dad's bedroom, into his bathroom and my dad was laying there dead on the floor - Absolutely identical to my dream. 

My dad had died literally while I was dreaming that my dad had been murdered.

I heard the Lord very clearly say "You've caught the murderers now."

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The message is that the time of Judgment has come. The new information regarding Genesis & Original Sin will follow this important testimony about Jonathan's father's sudden death and the supernatural dream and confirmations that preceded it. 


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