Trapped Inside the 'System of Control' | One Key Unlocks All the Doors (Video Series)

Society is under a spell, a grand illusion - commonly referred to as: the rat race, the daily grind, 9-5, cradle to the grave or as we call it: the matrix.

Were humans created for an average lifespan of 65 years of eating, sleeping, paying your taxes and death? Are we actually immortal spiritual beings that are caught inside some sort of mortal experience?

By simplifying the 'hive system' of our modern society with the symbiotic 'hive system' of aphids - we can bring the spiritual operation currently governing our world under the microscope, in which, the most detailed principles becomes known. 

The featured video series below presents a highly insightful standpoint that exposes the very origin of the spiritual system that is operating here on earth. If you consider yourself a truth seeker, this video series may be exactly what your looking for.


System of Control Series Intermission, try to apply the knowledge to your everyday life and see what you uncover that has been hidden by the Enemy in plain sight.

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