St. Patrick's Day Google Doodle Exposed and the Fast Attack on NYC

What is hidden in the St. Patrick's Day Google Doodle today has everything to do with the imminent attack on New York City. 

The sheeple are the target - you need to be aware of this now!

FEATURED VIDEO: The Wicked one is at work

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Today's Google Doodle spiritual manifestation overlays a very paranormal event that took place in Starbucks years ago. 

Here is the more in-depth breakdown featuring the relationships of today's Google Doodle with the Dead Sheep / Nike Testimony. 


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In case you have yet to see it, presented in the video below is the original documented video testimony of the supernatural event which foretold Kobe Bryant's major ad campaign by Nike, roughly 2 months before its release! 

This includes major prophetic insight as to 'the spirit that now worketh'.

FEATURED VIDEO: Dead Sheep / Nike Testimony - The Spirit That Now Worketh

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