BELLUMINATI - Taco Bell's New Commercial Depopulation Agenda Decoded


Description: Taco Bell has recently released an extremely in-your-face cryptic commercial, let's find out what's hidden in it.

Taco Bell's latest hit commercial Belluminati cryptically displays an extremely significant message that goes right over the viewing audience's head.
The video featured below unmasks the message created by a nefarious spirit operating through unwitting human host bodies to inflict a depopulation agenda throughout society.
Here is an excerpt of the decoded commercial from the dollar bill serial code scene:


TB - Is short for tubercle bacillus. 'Consumption' was the most common 19th century term for the disease.

23 - the count of 23 chromosomes.

55 - five and five equals the twin system. (V x V)

21 -  signifies rebelliousness against God.

  0 - indicates Time's Up.


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