The End Has Come - Are You Ready? (Videos)


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Description: The Lord God has instructed me to proclaim the END HAS COME


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Description: is up and running, please share it with whoever the Lord leads you to share it with. We pray that it is a helpful visual tool to wake up those that still sleep as Christians, and those that are dead without Christ in their lives.

Let's get the word out before the fire comes down from the heavens.


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'Stand Fast' Prophetic utterance from the LORD God through Jonathan Kleck:

Thus saith the Lord God:

The man of two faces is seen in the light

and as is the coming of the Son, so shall he be revealed.

And the darkness of men's hearts shall be made manifest

and the two - shall become one.

And in the midst of their conversion a holy nation shall be brought forth, from the darkness to the light.

The others have chosen the darkness,

they shall be the children of the darkness and remain the children of the darkness.

You are the children of the light, children of the day.

Stand fast, the day approaches.

When you hear the whisper of My voice, come home to Me child.



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