Subliminal Messages in Primetime TV Commercials You Need to See - This Is Alarming! (Videos)

TV advertisements can cost millions of dollars (especially during the Super Bowl) for a less than 2-minute commercial. There is a lot jammed into these commercials that usually fly right past the viewer's initial perception, yet on a subliminal level, there is a major message being transmitted.

In the commercials listed below, an ongoing agenda is being cryptically broadcast to the mass population that is EXTREMELY ALARMING!


Jaguar ‘The Art Of Villainy | British Villains’

Jaguar ‘Master Plan’  Ft. Tom Hiddleston and  Nicholas Hoult

BMW ‘Eyes On Gigi Hadid’

Scion ‘Fable of Deviants’

Lincoln ‘Bull’ Ft. Matthew McConaughey

Maserati ‘Official Maserati Super Bowl Spot 2014 Ghibli Strike’

Bud Light ‘Ian Up For Whatever Film’

Bud Light ‘The Bud Light Party’ Ft. Seth Rogen and Amy Schumer

Bud Light ‘Hoover Dam’

Progressive Insurance ‘Theory’

Temptations ‘Keep Them Busy’

Avocados From Mexico #AvoSecrets ‘Secret Society’

Adidas ‘Original is Never Finished’

Versace ‘Bright Crystal’

KENZO World ‘The New Fragrance’

COCO Chanel ‘She’s Not There’

CHANEL ‘N°5 L’EAU the film’

Jose Cuervo 'Tomorrow Is Overrated'

Sausage Party (Trailer)



Taylor Swift (Music Video) 'Look What You Made Me Do'   AND   Adidas 'ORIGINAL is never finished 3'

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