HelioFant: I Pet Goat 2 - New 2017 Decryption - Never Before Seen (Video)

FEATURED VIDEO: HelioFant - I Pet Goat 2 Decrypted 2017

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Description: Heliofant's mysterious viral video from many years ago has resurfaced lately, in this breakdown- there are many clues and findings that no one has touched upon as of yet.

Dead Sheep / Nike Testimony - The Spirit That Now Worketh


*FOLLOW UP VIDEO*: MUST SEE Video – Crazy Simpsons Connections

Backup Video Links: kleckfiles.com | koofr.net | Youtube | Odysee 

Description: The connecting dots in this video are so out of this world, it will make your jaw hit the floor. The last piece of art is in place in the Shipping Container, it portrays the Statue of Liberty being overtaken by a tidal wave- which is depicted on the new $100 bill that was released in 2013. The Antichrist is orchestrating the chaos and destruction that will launch the entire world into a state of panic and upheaval. So now, this New World Order- the One World Government only needs mass chaos in order to rise from the ashes and conquer all of mankind.



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