'Zeus Virus' - New Algorithmic Computer Worm Targets Christian Users Across the Web

A new search and destroy, backdoor computer virus known as the 'Zeus Virus' is algorithmically targeting and infecting Christian internet users or "Yah lovers" across the web.

As reported below by a Google Chrome user, the virus is a browser-based attack that is identified as the "RDN/YahLover.worm" and completely locks out your computer's internet browser windows while seeking for your personal data.

Here are two recorded screenshots of the attack from computer users:  

After talking to a professional, more specifics on how this virus scans for users of the Christian faith are uncovered:

FEATURED VIDEO: (((Zeus,,aka Zues?? Virus))) attacking Yah lovers

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Description: Zeus virus warning, do not call the number listed if you get infected, this worm is potentially targeting Christians



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