Why Does Trump Pay Homage to the Scottish Rite Freemason Occult? - Dark Secret Now Revealed


Everyone who wants to understand who Trump really is needs to see this!

An in-depth look at Trump’s old and new coat of arms is featured in this presentation by Jonathan Kleck that will literally blow your mind.

This is jaw-dropping information!

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Trump battled in court for 4 years to create an additional coat of arms that prominently displays the Freemason double-headed phoenix!

The Freemason double-headed phoenix also just so happens to be the most prominent logo for the occult.

Freemason double-headed phoenix | Donald Trump’s 2nd Coat of Arms

This is the same double-headed phoenix prominently displayed on the occult book 'Morals and Dogma' written by well-known Luciferian Albert Pike!

Albert Pike was Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite's Southern Jurisdiction in 1859.

It just so happens that Trump's Scottish Coat of Arms features the same double-headed phoenix.

It's quite clearly established in the occult literature above that those studying these rituals and practices of Freemasons are Luciferians.

What is the goal of the Luciferian agenda? A New World Order.



Freemasonry is the prime ‘secret society’ that operates the shadow government – though any member of the occult will NEVER tell you this.

They are the hidden hand behind the Luciferian agenda. 

Although they think they are in complete control, ultimately, Satan is in complete control of them and all of the ‘order out of chaos’ they perpetrate on innocent civilians.

FEATURED VIDEO: Trump the Tip of the Spear

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Description: “Shadow Government Triggers World War 3 To Cover Up The Truth – The Deep State is here to stay, they just showed what they are willing to do to foment World War- use chemical weapons and then blame it on their chosen ‘boogeyman’ of the hour. Just like 9/11, and countless other false flag attacks, they murder people and illegally overthrow governments to accomplish their goals: a One World Government that ultimately conquers and enslaves the entire population of Earth, while demanding an implant of some kind in the heads or hands of everyone (most likely a microchip to attain a false eternal life).


FEATURED VIDEO: AWESOME Deep State Follow-up Vid by Clay / FaithfulBerean

Backup Video Links: kleckfiles.com | koofr.net | Youtube | Odysee 

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Description: I hope you enjoy the video, it is about the blatant social engineering being thrown in our faces by Showtime’s Homeland & Fox’s The New X-Files. It is all about the Trump Vs. Deep State event we are living through now.

“And it (the Antichrist’s world government) causes all the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free and the servants, that it should give them a mark on their right hand or on their forehead,” REVELATION 13:16

CIA timeline of overthrown governments (USA is happening now)” – (Video description AWESOME Deep State Follow-up Vid by Clay / FaithfulBerean)


The general population is being heavily deceived by Trump and the hidden Luciferian agenda.

This man is NOT a Christian as he claims, just take a look at this insider information showcasing his $100 million dollar NYC penthouse suite:

Shocking: Donald Trump Is Not a Christian



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