Trapped in the Vesica Piscis! Huge Secrets of the Garden of Eden Unlocked!

NEW ESOTERIC SECRETS OF THE GARDEN OF EDEN REVEALED! This is spirituality uncovered like you have never seen it before!

The image you are looking at is the vesica piscis - it is the geometric pattern formed when two cells intersect in the process of cellular multiplication and division.

Today we are going to have an in-depth look at Bright Crystal by Versace and She’s Not There by COCO Chanel; two commercials for high end perfume, that literally transcribe the fall of man in the Garden of Eden like you would never imagine!

The spiritual insight unlocked in this presentation reveals the deepest roots of the Garden of Eden and includes absolutely stunning information to take hold of. This presentation is like finding a diamond in the rough!

FEATURED VIDEO: Trapped Essence – Vesica Piscis Chanel & Versace Commercials

The new commercial inserts start at the 1:53 timestamp. If you missed the Bud Light commercial mentioned in the introduction, see here for the latest extensive breakdown: Bud Light Commercial- Hoover Dam Birth.

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