Strange Matthew McConaughey ‘Bull’ Commercial for Lincoln Automotive – What It Really Signified Will Blow You Away!

Wow - you need to see this! Ever wonder what this strange Lincoln commercial ‘Bull’ ft. Matthew McConaughey was really all about? I mean- the commercial is extremely odd and does not even mention anything about the new vehicle. But what it does mention, is something far more cryptic that will leave you absolutely stunned!

You are not going to believe how deep this commercial goes. Everything is much more symbolic in this alleged Lincoln automobile commercial than we could have ever imagined.


This is a highly important video in understanding the spiritual agendas behind all things that manifest from the spirit realm into our everyday life. Very profound insight is unveiled in this video - take notes!

Thank you in advance for sharing and we hope that this presentation can help y'all see the truth of the spiritual world all around you.

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