Secrets of Trump's 2nd Coat of Arms Revealed!

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An in-depth look at both of Trump's coat of arms is featured in this astounding video lesson by Jonathan Kleck that will literally blow your mind.

This is jaw-dropping information!

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Trump's 2nd Coat of Arms includes the Freemason double-headed phoenix!

The mass population is waking up to the fact that Donald Trump is a Scottish Rite Freemason and puppet for the 'deep state' satanic operations of the Freemason Luciferians.

Even his coat of arms for the Trump International Golf Links of Scotland tells us so! 

Featuring a double-headed phoenix, it took 4-years of battling with Scotland's heraldic authority, the Court of the Lord Lyon, until finally approved in 2012.

The double-headed phoenix, as you may know, is one of the most prominent logos of freemasonry.

It is highly significant to note how Trump created this additional coat of arms which prominently displays the Freemason double-headed phoenix!

The Freemason double-headed phoenix also just so happens to be the same insignia for Russia's coat of arms!

Is he playing on both teams?

After all, the Freemasons have controlled society by "divide and conquer" manipulation, and controlled "order out of chaos" for ages.

There is much more going on behind the scenes and the symbolism gives it all away!

The video presentation by Jonathan Kleck at the top of this article breaks down the facts of these symbols and their spiritual significance - it is a must-watch!



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