Master the Human Domain - Worldwide 'Alien Agenda' Identified and Revealed!

Master the Human Domain:

The alien invasion of the human race - from within! What are their plans? To invade the human temple aka your body! The abomination that causes desolation: "Here is the mystery made known to you - you are the holy place of which I speak. And the abomination of desolation shall rise from within the walls of the temple, to destroy the Temple (our bodies)." - (excerpt from Master the Human Domain..The End Game...Alien Invasion Complete and Mission Complete)


Video description: The EVENTUALITY of "The Fallen" breeding with humans...A KINGDOM DIVIDED...Satan's Rule on Earth...Same as the days of Noah..Daniel 2:43 "The LAST KINGDOM will be DIVIDED and THEY shall MINGLE THEMSELVES with the SEEEEEED of MEN and watch as it happens before your very eyes...Gestation Complete..Beast UNLEASHED...abomination of Desolation STANDING IN THE HOLY PLACE,,,,,Time for a Wedding ..Praise God!

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